April 27, 2016

Our Family Day With Wren Kitchens & Linda Barker!

Our Day At The Nest...

We were recently invited on a fun day out at 'The Nest', which is the aptly named head offices for Wren Kitchens. We have a store in our city and.often browse their wonderfully designed kitchens, dreaming of our future home, so we couldn't wait! 

While we were there, we were invited to join in the fun for their Little Kitchen Live event, working alongside the lovely Linda Barker. Together with our children, we were to get creative in the kitchen making fun healthy foods and smoothies, as well as a few games, a sneaky peek at the stunning kitchens and a chance to meet some lovely people too.

It's rare that we get a family day out these days so it was nice to all be together and I loved doing something blog related that involved us all, especially when it was so much fun.

Alfie loved the camera and as always enjoyed making everyone laugh and meeting the other kids.

You can watch the official video of the day below, we are mostly stuffing our little faces - the perfect day out or what? Wren want to encourage children into the kitchen to learn about and prepare healthy food. Here we are in all our pizza making glory!

After the initial meet and greet we sat to begin the fun. First up we got stuck in helping the kids decorate their aprons for the day with stickers and fabric pens.  Alf got straight to work but Soph was a little distracted by everything, EVERYTHING so insisted on a little wandering and table destruction.

Our table was extremely creative and we all got to work creating our masterpieces.  It was so nice to meet Linda Barker, who not only looks incredible but is extremely lovely and down to earth. We watched her draw a picture of the dog Stanley and I resisted asking a million and one questions about changing rooms and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen!!  

Next up was the pizza making. The kids love this at home, so they didn't take much persuading to get started piling on and tasting the yummy ingredients and preparing their much needed lunches.

Following the pizza eating, each child was given a brilliant face plate on which they could arrange fruit to decorate the picture and create a character. Alf made a brilliant lady that he named 'Linda Lime'. We adore these plates and have used them a lot at home since.

The final task was to make some smoothies, the children all selected their fresh fruit and juices and we're shown how these could be blended and enjoyed. The smoothies went down an absolute storm and are another one of our favourite things to do at home, so Alf was very enthusiastic to show off his skills to the ladies!

The final.task was a fun game of 'What's in the box?', When I first saw it I thought that was where Linda would appear from, but I was wrong luckily, she would have been a little too warm in there! The box was full of fruits and vegetables that the children had to find and explore, which they all loved and I think the prickly pineapple came as a shock to them all as they all squealed and giggled.

The day was great fun. We loved exploring the dreamy display kitchens, meeting Linda and all the staff as well as a handful of other lovely bloggers.

You can find out more about Little Kitchen at Wren by clicking here where you can also download their free e-book packed full of fun healthy ideas to try with your own children. If you'd like to see some more pictures from our day, keep scrolling down this post! Thanks for the fun Wren.

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