April 14, 2016

The FriYAY Linky 7th - 28th April #FriYAYLinky


Happy FriYAY once again, another week gone in a flash! A big thank you to everyone that linked up last week, my favorite post was this one from the Lovely Sarah & Louise who are by far one of my favourite blogs to read at the moment, you should check them out if you haven't already.

This weeks Friyay linky will be open a little longer than normal to cover two weeks of link ups while I take a little break. Please do link up throughout the next two weeks any time you have a post to share, this link up will be ready and waiting and I will share everything when I can.

I hope you have all had a good week, it's scary to think it's mid April already and I'm still eating like it's Christmas most days! 

After finally all getting better after our family flu episode, I then got really bad mastitis and now, just to make things super fun, my back and pelvis have gone (really gone!) and I swear it's far more painful than child birth, there is nothing worse than not being able to actually use your back or legs! So frustrating. 

Due to this, I have been a little quiet once again on the blog this week, but have enjoyed reading your posts and have managed a few posts like this one about my motivation to get fit again and a few reviews like the one for this brilliant Thomas set, youll love the pictures! My favourite picture of the week had to be this one below, which was shared alongside my Sunday photo. It's of my son and his great Grandmother feeding her visiting garden fox - isn't it beautiful?

Now it's over to you guys and your link ups for this week. It's a pretty quiet one so I'd love any sharing or feedback to help me make this one grow!

A little reminder about the FriYAY Linky #FriYAYLinky;

Each week you are invited to link up your favourite or most popular posts from that week. You can link up any posts from the week that you would like to share. Anything goes for this one, just a nice mix to give us some good reading (or nice pictures to look at!) ready for the weekend! I'd LOVE it if you joined in and helped share the linky love by using the hashtag #FriYAYLinky and tweeting all your great posts, big and small. 


1. Link up your favourite posts of the week from any genre.
2. Pop my badge (code below) somewhere on you post.
3. Comment on a few other posts when you have time, it's nice to share the blog love.
4. If you want to, tweet me @wafflemamauk and #FriYAYLinky and I will retweet.

That's all! Happy linking :) I can't wait to see what you have all been up to.


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  1. Oh no! Sucks that your back has gone. Has happened to me in the past and I know your pain - can't imagine having to look after children whilst laid up though - you must be superwoman!
    I've got some nice spring pics for you to cheer you up, and a sneak peek of my wedding venue (i.e. Mum and Dad's house! :-)) Have a nice break, sounds like you need it x

    1. I've been really lucky and had people rall round to help thankfully! One nappy change yesterday and it was enough to throw my back out again so I am taking it super easy now. I'm sorry you've been though it too, it's awful!
      Thank you so much for linking up :) I'll pop over and have a read xx