April 02, 2016

My Happy days List

This weeks list...

Thankfully this week has seen a vast improvement to the last, but with a poorly baby (and me) we have still been a little cooped up. We have managed to get out the house and enjoy some sunshine though and have had a nice relaxing week at least, so here is this weeks list of things that have made me happy.

  • Spending precious time with my babies at home, doing crafts, having PJ days, relaxing in my giant bed and having cuddles.

  • Seeing the first baby ducks of the year and both kids being equally as excited by them as me and their Daddy.

  • S snapping out of her Diva mode (slightly) and letting me dress her! She has point blank refused clothes for a few weeks and only agreed on the same few items. It was lovely to see her in some colour.

  • I have loved having a good stash of chocolate but have been pretty good with my healthy eating to balance it out and prevent a gain on the scales.

  • I met a friend and her little boy for a day out at the museum, I had a lovely day and love seeing them so much. I really need to try and be more sociable!

  • I have a few new ideas for my drawings and am enjoying trying new things.

  • I have left my job officially. I felt I had no choice but think it is the best thing for me and I can now focus on things I love that are better suited for me.

  • No School runs and having my big boy home!

  • Seeing my boy back to his normal happy self after being so poorly.

  • Receiving some blog award nominations!

  • Getting some new stationary (yep I'm sad).

  • Seeing bright colourful flowers everywhere.

  • Real fish and chips, on a lunch time.

  • Seeing my kids SO excited by the arrival of my parents and getting a welcome bit of help on a day I felt poorly.

  • Sunshine, actual HOT sunshine!

  • Enjoying a fun family day out.

Have a great week!
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  1. Oh hope you and your little one are feeling better soon - sounds like you did some lovely things despite illness, and such beautiful pictures. We saw some ducks and swans at the weekend & it makes me so happy too! Congrats on your awards nominations, all the best of luck x #HappyDaysLinky

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have been enjoying the holidays too, I hate the school run! #TheList

  3. Ha ha I love stationary too, do you know I had this theme and wallpaper when I first stated blogging and I still love it, it is so pretty. Congratulations on the nominations and I left my job 6 months ago now, it was the best thing I ever did, I hope it works out well for you too x

  4. Hooray for leaving your job! whoop! Fabulous happy thing huni Thanks for linking up to #TheList x x

  5. I love your gorgeous photos! Yeaaaah for leaving your job, I know it's a bit scary but you'll be so much happier! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x