April 02, 2016

Our Summer Play Wishlist

Garden play time!

Today we had our first really lovely warm day here in the East Midlands and it was lovely being out and about with the children in the sunshine enjoying the outdoors.

Being in the fresh air got me thinking to our outside space at home, which leaves a LOT to be desired at the moment and is seriously lacking in the fun department. We only have a small courtyard garden, so space is pretty limited but we have  no excuse not to fill it with fun for the warmer days for some cheap easy family time.

I started to think about the sort of things we like to do with the kids and what they enjoy, as well as some activities that would hold their attention and put smiles on their little faces. I have put together a wishlist of summer goodies perfect for a little garden like ours and two monkeys, like ours and thought I would share these lovely finds to give you ideas for Spring Summer shenanigans too.

1. Bouncy Castle | 2. Pink Cosy Coupe Car | 3. Funtivity House | 4. Multi Play Table | 5. Canal Water System | 6. Rabbit Hopper | 7. Double Sided Easel | 8. Crocodile Rocker | 9. Beanbag Chairs | 10. Alphabet Playmats

I have always wanted our own little bouncy castle for the garden, a little one may even fit in our living room and I can just imagine how exciting it would be as a kid to come downstairs and find a bouncy castle instead of breakfast - can you imagine? Not to mention that it would be perfect for birthday parties and looking like the coolest parents ever when the kids friends come round to play.

We already have a red and yellow cosy coupe car but the kids do scrap over it. I'd love a pink one to brighten up the garden and both kids love pink too, it's only fair they have one each while A is still little enough to fit inside, it wont be for much longer!

I love this 'Funtivity playhouse' and I can just imagine all the adventures that my two could have exploring this, playing together, escaping from eachother and using it as a pirate ship or secret bunker!

Both kids adore water play and it is by far my favourite and the easiest activty to set up in warmer weather. I love this water table as it folds out into two parts so it can be used for all sorts of things throughout the year. This little canal system (5) looks so much fun and I know my boy would adore this - he's a boy that will happily play in the sink with a few bath toys for half a day so this would amuse him for hours.

S loves rabbits and she loves anything that she can ride or bounce on too so a rabbit hopper would be so well received, I'd never get her to leave it so at least this one could come inside too! She also loves rocking horses and seesaws so this little croc rocker would suit her down to a tee. 

Both kids love painting and drawing and I have always wanted an easel, this would be perfect for outdoor messier painting and could be easily washed after use. Having both sides is perfect for two children too - no dramas! 

For chilling out I would love a pair of big garden beanbags that they could rest on, eat lunch on or lay back looking for shapes in the clouds, didn't you love those days? I may even get to sit down for a few minutes too.

Our concrete garden would be softened up and brightened up with some foam floor tiles. These would be great to help A with his letters and numbers as well as adding a much needed splash of colour and safety. One of my favourite and smallest summer play items on my wishlist is this little Wind up bubble fish! We all love bubbles (cats and dogs included) and it would be great to not have the worry of constant battery changes and to help build strength in their little arms at the same time! What a catch. Sorry I'm talking carp now. Oh cod. Fin.

What will you be playing with in the garden this year?

*apologies for terrible fish puns.

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  1. Never apologise for a fish pun. (I would put one here if I could think of it...). Been meaning to invest in a bubble machine for ages - everyone loves the bubbles but being 'the bubble blower' gets a bit tedious after 10 minutes and any longer than that I start to hyperventilate and have to have a little sit down. We've got the easel and both girls love using it outside. I like the idea of nestling in the giant bean bag with a glass of chilled wine on a warm summers eve... mmmm. Roll on summer... #FriYayLinky