April 03, 2016

Health Quest: April Motivation

April Update

Another month down and another whopping great stall with my weight loss. I just can't seem to stick to anything for more than a day or two and I really need to decide what sort of thing I am going to do to help me get to goal. I find I am just bored of all the same old foods and methods.

That's a whole quarter of a year that I have achieved absolutely nothing and summer is fast approaching - I really don't want to be sweating it out in long sleeves and jeans again. I'd kill to wear shorts or a shorter sleeve and I was convinced this would be my year. There is still time I'm sure, I just need to find that missing mojo!

The silver linings are that I have managed to stay on track with my meals (it's the snacking and chocolate that lets me down!) and successfully got back into salads a little again and I'm loving my little Julienne peeler (picture link above!) to make courgette spaghetti which I like best raw as a base for salad with some grated carrot too, it's so filling and delicious.

I also got sent a huge fruit box from OXO and Riverford Farms which we loved working our way through. It was fresh and tasty and balanced out a little of the Easter egg guilt! Oh so many delicious Cadbury's eggs - heaven! We made little fruit towers for a post that you can see further down.

Part of the reason things haven't been too successful (here come the excuses) is that we have all had the flu in March, so it's been a crazy few weeks and I am seriously lacking on the gym visits as well as sleep.

Health wise it's a slow news month really, but I'll update mainly to say that the cogs are definitely in motion, I'm deciding on a plan and I suppose not gaining weight is an achievement in itself. I am starting to feel pretty sluggish and tired though so I really need to get back into healthier ways to feel brighter as well as tighter. Hopefully the next update will bring a bit more of a positive change.

I'm not going to set goals for April but I am going to try and refocus and make a loss over the month one way or another, as well as making good use of that gym! At least the best chocolate has gone now (in my face) so there will be far less temptations around to distract me. Wish me luck!

How do you keep motivated?

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