September 13, 2017

1st Cinema Trip || A Family Fun Day With Yazoo

Last month we were very kindly sent a family fun pack with treats, courtesy of Yazoo no added sugar. Inside the pack, which arrived at the end of the holidays, we received some bottles of the new Yazoo no added sugar to try in a few different flavours, some bags of our favourite popcorn and even, a voucher for a family cinema trip to make the holidays go out with a bang!

The kids haven't been to a proper cinema before, so were crazy excited for this treat, which we saved until last Monday, the day before Alf returned to school.

After looking at what was on, kids wise the best option for us was the new Emoji movie. We all headed down to our local Odeon in Lincoln to get our tickets. The kids were literally bouncing with excitement, it felt so nice to give them such a treat after summer being so limited with the lack of funds. I did wonder how on earth they could make a whole movie about emojis, but actually it was pretty good and the kids loved it! They both sat still all the way through, grazed on their popcorn, supped their shakes from the cool bag and laughed their way through the film. I love seeing them so happy, especially trying something new.

Adam was at work, so my Mum came along for our family day, the kids loved having a day out with their Nanna that was a little different, with lots of tasty treats. There's something so cosy and special about the cinema and now we've braved it once I can't wait to go more often.

The kids really enjoyed sampling the new Yazoo sugar free too. The flavour is still great, the bottles are small enough to give as an after school treat or snack and best of all, the kids love it and didn't notice the reduced sugar - win! These also contain no sweeteners and have as much sugar as a glass of regular semi skimmed milk. You can find out more on the Yazoo website if you've not tried it already, but it's a definite thumbs up from us.

A huge thank you to Yazoo for our day out, it was a real treat and such a lovely snugly way to end the holidays. We really enjoyed the film, it's silly with some funny bits and the kids were glued to it which is always a good sign!

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