September 02, 2017

Home Style || Family Home Renovation Tips

Renovating a property can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you're working towards making the perfect home for your family to enjoy. We all have different lifestyles, so being able to completely tailor your own home to fit your needs is a dream come true for most of us. Also, if it’s purely for resale purposes, huge profits can be there for the taking, with a little bit of careful planning and hard work. There's lots of help out there for your renovation, such as the Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide and YouTube tutorials, but here are a few other key points to bear in mind with your home renovations.


As time has gone on, the way we use our homes and entertain guests has changed so much. In times gone by, houses usually had large living areas and formal dining rooms, and smaller kitchens. The idea to this formal style of dining was that the kitchen was a kind of ‘backstage’ area, once the food was prepared the host could close the door behind them. These days, people tend to prefer a much more relaxed dining style; large, open plan kitchens with guests sitting with the host while they cook and prepare the food is far more common. Does anyone really use a dining room regularly enough to warrant such a large use of space? 

When you’re renovating an older property, chances are you may need to remove some of the internal walls for this reason. If you want to create a more modern, open plan space then you can choose to knock down walls and have a large kitchen island installed. Family can sit here while the cook does their thing, bringing everyone together at a crucial family time. This is a much more informal way of dining, but fits more with modern lifestyles and sure beats lap trays on the sofa! You'll need to make sure that none of the walls you’re removing are supporting walls. If they are, beams are likely to need to be fitted to keep the strength and integrity of the property, so always seek professional advice, don't get straight to work with a sledge hammer until you're sure it's 100% safe to do so!

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is often thought of as the most important room in the home. When it’s a room that gets so much use, it has to be right, and you will need to work with a kitchen designer to make the very best of your space. Built in appliances, smart cupboards, shelving options and a pantry area will all ensure you have plenty of storage and space to put everything you need. If you choose neutral colours or solid natural woods, your kitchen will stay looking modern for years to come.

The bathroom is another important area to do the same. You can’t go wrong with a plain white suite, white tiles and nice modern taps. A sleek shower screen and good quality flooring will give a stunning finish. If your budget allows, underfloor heating is something to strive for, making a big difference in colder months for a more luxurious feel.

Electrics, Plumbing, and Heating

These are three things that are likely to take up a lot of your budget when it comes to renovating, especially if you're someone like me with no formal training. YouTube videos can get you so far, but it's always best to call in the professionals for bigger jobs or initial checks. If you already know you’re going to be completely replacing everything, then you can plan ahead but otherwise, make sure you get a thorough survey of the property before you buy it. Bad electrics, plumbing or heating, are costly to fix, and so you could negotiate a better price on the house if problems are found. Even if everything is in good condition, if you’re adding things like en suite bathrooms, moving things around in the kitchen or upgrading the radiators, these are going to be costs to take into consideration. If you’re looking for a professional who is able to take care of plumbing, heating, and drainage together, you could visit a company like, which will save you calling out a number of different individual companies.

Air Conditioning and Fireplaces

If you live in a part of the world that’s very warm, air conditioning is essential. But even if you live in the UK where it’s only hot for a few months of the year, it’s a worthwhile purchase. It will add value to your home and is certainly something you will appreciate when it comes to the summer heatwaves. If you live in a cold part of the world (or just somewhere that gets cold winters), fireplaces make a nice feature even if you have central heating too. If you’re planning on having air conditioning or fireplaces installed, make sure this is done before things like flooring and decor are done. That way you’re not making a mess, going back on yourself and spending money unnecessarily


If the property you are renovating has been empty for a while, there’s a chance you may come up against pests. Whether it’s spiders, mice, roaches, termites or something else- your best bet would be to have a professional take care of things. As well as being unpleasant and unsanitary, pests can also cause structural damage to properties so is something to be addressed right away. Be sure to do a thorough investigation of the property before starting any work, keep an eye out for pest activity like droppings, dead insects or chew marks in wood or plaster. Pests may come in unexpected forms too, pigeons for example can nest in the eaves of houses and outbuildings, causing damage and leaks due to their corrosive droppings.

Windows and Doors

If you’re renovating an older home, chances are you will need to replace the windows and doors. If they’re already double glazed, check carefully for signs of damage. Windows that are wet between the panes or have steamed up mean the double glazing has failed and will need to be replaced. Your best bet is to choose energy efficient windows, you can even get triple glazing these days. You will boost the value of the property and make the bills cheaper too where less heat is lost. 

Eco-Friendly Features

As well as energy efficient windows, cavity wall and loft insulation will also make the property cheaper with bills and more eco-friendly. If you want to add things like solar panels and even a private borehole water well, these are things to take into consideration. Buyers love eco-friendly houses, so if you’re selling (either now or later down the line) you give your property the edge.

Loft and Basement

Two areas in any home which are often overlooked are the loft and the basement. But it makes no sense to do this since they can provide tonnes of valuable space. When you’re renovating, you could transform the basement into a den, games room or additional living room. The loft could be made into a bedroom, guest room, office or hobby room. It makes the very most of your property and allows you to utilise space that otherwise would have been wasted.


Finally, after renovating your property the decor is what will finish everything off and make it look beautiful. You can’t go wrong with light, neutral shades initially- particularly if you’re planning on selling. Go with white, cream or light grey which are inoffensive and make each of the rooms look bigger and brighter. When you are more comfortable in the house you can begin to introduce colours that suit the space. For flooring, real wood, laminate or natural stone is a good choice downstairs. It’s easy to clean and will work with any style of decor, plus its incredibly long lasting. For upstairs, choose a hard wearing neutral carpet. Again, you can always bring in colour and personality with things like accessories and when you fancy a change later down the line, you don't have to completely redecorate. 

Garden and Outside Space

When renovating a home, it’s not just the property you need to consider, it’s the garden and outside space too. Ensure you’re keeping money in your budget for this, though you could keep it simple and simply have some turf and a slabbed patio put down. You could go with decking, composite is a good choice since it doesn’t rot and needs no maintenance. Plus, decking adds a significant amount of value onto a property without having to spend that much, so is a good choice if you’re looking to maximise profits. If you wanted to create something really luxurious, you could speak to a landscape gardening company and have them build something stunning just for you. If you want to add things like a hot tub, outbuilding or summer house, make sure you plan out the space beforehand, so you know exactly where these things will go.

Renovating can be expensive, but you will likely earn your money back (plus a lot more!) when it comes to selling, so is a great investment, as well as creating a stunning property that works for you and your family.

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