September 26, 2017

My Autumn Fit Kit - Hair | Skin | Body

This time of year is pretty beautiful isn't it? I love layering up more, feeling cosy at home and shopping for a new winter coat is always a highlight. As well as all that good stuff though, we often find ourselves battling the elements, feeling run down and not always at our best.

This Autumn Winter, I want to be armed and ready for whatever bizarre weather we are due to have thrust upon us. I want to keep my skin, hair and nails in good check (as well as all those bits in between), so I've been looking at ways to get fresh and healthy to face the colder months and have some great products to share that together, make the perfect 'fit kit' for the coming months.

There's nothing worse than getting dry damaged skin and often with it raining more I tend to have my hair shoved up 'mum bun' style and care for it a lot less. This year though, I'm all ready for it with some fab hair and beauty products that will keep my hair and skin in check from the outside in.

As Mum's, we can often neglect ourselves but I'm trying really hard to just give a few minutes extra to pamper myself each day; to remove all my makeup, add a moisturiser or oil before bed time and give my hair a much needed conditioning treatment at least once a week. Putting this post together has alerted me to not only some new and exciting products which I'm sure you'll love, but also some things I didn't know about hair and skincare.

Here's my 'fit kit' for this year;

Skin & Body

First up are the things I'll be using to help my skin to look it's best through the cooler months. With cold weather and heaters indoors, it's no wonder our skin can often get dry and look a little neglected. Hopefully, with the help of these, I'll be able to keep the skin on my face as well as my body, in tip top condition.

Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen is a powerful anti-ageing liquid high grade marine collagen, separated into 10ml sachets which can go straight 'down the hatch' daily or mixed with water. As well as the magic of collagen, this also includes a dose of Vitamin C, to optimise skin rejuvenation. The product itself tastes a little like lemon and honey and personally I prefer to just have it straight from the sachet in the morning, sipping water after. It does take some getting used to as the texture is quite thick, but after a couple of days it's all good. According to Absolute Collagen, in our 20's our bodies slow down on the production of collagen which is why our skin begins to look tired and wrinkles begin emerging later on (thank you 30's!). A daily 'shot' of Absolute Collagen gives your body the boost it needs and I can't wait to see an improvement to my skin.

Leighton Denny Marvel Balm

This tube of wonder from Leighton Denny contains quite literally a marvel balm, to relieve dry areas such as lips, elbows and cuticles. The balm instantly softens skin, feels amazing to apply and gives much needed relief to dry skin which can often become sore in cooler months. I am a little in love with this balm and especially love it on my lips which often get over dry from wearing long lasting lipstick. This balm can just be massaged into any dry skin areas that need a little extra TLC.

Palmer's Facial Scrub & Cleansing Oil

With skincare in mind, the face is often the worst affected by colder weather, with always being on show, so a little extra care goes a long way. Palmer's have launched a new facial scrub which is perfect for removing dry and old skin, leaving you feeling fresher faced. I do love a good exfoliation and this works a treat!

As well as the scrub, Palmer's also have a facial oil which emulsifies into a soft foam, clearing dirt and leaving your skin clean fresh and hydrated. Using at bed time, my skin feels super soft and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy the morning after. These are great staple products all year round, but this time, more than ever. I love Palmer's products and these haven't disappointed.

7th Heaven face masks

I'm a big fan of the 7th Heaven masks and they were actually one of the first things I ever reviewed on this blog! This autumn, they have launched a spooktacular Halloween version of their popular mask, as well as a new charcoal peel off. I adore peel off masks so both of these suit me down to the ground. I love both of these  and it's well worth noting that the charcoal mask is an 'easy peel', unlike some of those horrific black masks that take your face off with the mask - no real horror here, it's all good! The best thing about these masks is that as well as being cruelty free and natural, they really work, they make perfect extra gifts and cost just a pound each.


I'm terrible for remembering things like hand cream in my bag, so I'll be carrying around this sample of Defensil to use on the go. My hands get so sore in the cold, so keeping topped up with this will be just the thing to prevent that, locking in moisture and leaving my skin super soft wherever I need it. Using this twice a day will prevent my skin drying and getting damaged, you can feel the benefits from the first application!


Next for tackling my hair. Often in the colder months, my hair gets rained on more, washed less and gets pretty dry. Kicking off with a good detox and regular conditioning treatment, hopefully I can keep my hair in better health.

Style Freedom Detox Kit

To kick off the hair care, I started with a hair detox from Style Freedom. You can pick these up in Superdrug and they are perfect to give your hair an overhaul in two simple steps. With step one, you remove impurities, cleansing the hair. Step two then revitalises the hair, with vitamin e and Shea butter, helping to strengthen the hair and leave it looking shiny and instantly healthier. I love this kit and will be buying again to do more regularly, especially right now while they're half price!

Noughty Intensive Care

For a little extra care after my hair washes and detox, I'll be using a little of this intensive care leave in conditioner from Noughty. This again is available in Superdrug for just £6.99 and so far I'm impressed as it leaves my hair soft and shiny, smells divine and best of all, it doesn't seem to leave any residue.

I really feel like for once I'm heading into the colder months, ready for battle with everything I need to protect my skin and hair. From reading all about these fab products, I've learnt so much about what happens to our skin and hair, how they're affected by the elements and the best ways to keep in better condition.

What's your Autumn beauty must have?

Disclosure: I was sent PR samples in exchange for honest reviews. All words, thoughts and images are my own.

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