September 14, 2017

Guest Post || Tile Monkey - Family Home Tiles

Another expert in the house, this time to give us some advice on the perfect tile choices for the family home. Over to 'Tile Monkey'...

Tiles For The Family Home

With a family, it can be hard to know what the best choices are for you home when it comes to both style and practicality. Ultimately, we all want that magic combination of the two, and luckily, tiles are the perfect answer. Easy to clean and maintain and also incredibly hardwearing - tiles tick off every box of the checklist. The team at Tile Monkey are here to shed some light on how to give your home both a gorgeous look while also maintaining that much needed durability.

First off, we need to identify which tile type will be best for your busy home. While nearly any tile would be ideal in giving you that strength and longevity, we ultimately need a tile that is also quick and easy to maintain. With this in mind, the best tile choice would have to be a ceramic tile. 
Essentially the everyman in the tile world, the ceramic tile should not be underestimated. It’s popularity and mass production has lead to the development of countless colours and designs making it unbelievably versatile. Ceramic tiles are also therefore the kindest on your pocket when it comes to price, something that is ideal when you’ve got the family food shop to account for every week.

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider a ceramic tile in the family home.


We’ve mentioned it before, but the ceramic tile is very strong and can withstand any of those trips or toy drops with ease. The amount of time your kids spend running about and causing general havoc in your home, tiles are a much better choice than a carpet for example. Carpets are easily worn down, especially with the ‘pitter patter’ of tiny feet. Tile however, will never wear down or lose their great look. If you’re worried about the hard texture, a good idea is the lay a rug down in play areas to ensure that they still have that softer area.

Moisture Resistant

While this might be a little obvious, tiles are of course moisture resistant. It’s imperative that your floor or wall is waterproof so you can safely install them anywhere in your home safe in the knowledge that any liquid won’t cause long-term damage. This makes those bath time puddles and drink spills so much easier to deal with as and when they happen.

Ease of Maintenance

As much as we wish it, nothing is maintenance free, especially when you’ve got kids. Luckily, ceramic tiles are some of the easiest to clean. They only need a simple warm mop or sponge to maintain their stunning look. This scales back your cleaning time massively, giving you more of a chance to relax. A top tip worth considering is looking for a ceramic tile with a gloss finish, this shine makes cleaning up mess that bit easier.

As previously mentioned, ceramic tiles are highly manufactured, giving them that edge over slightly more expensive and harder to come by tiles. This gives you the ultimate chance of personalisation leaving you free to design your home exactly how you want to. One trend that has massively taken off in recent years are the metro tiles. These ceramic tiles are made in a rectangle shape and are able to give you a gorgeous vintage glamour look - perfect for any home interiors buff out there.

For more tips and some gorgeous tile inspo, pop over to Tile Monkey for more.

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