September 24, 2017

Home Style || 70's Inspired Home

In the years since, the fashions and styles of the 1970's have popped up time and time again, never more so than in the home. With those instantly recognisable patterns, colour palettes and designs, the era totally calls to some of us, others not quite so much.

I can hear my mother right now saying 'I never liked all that the first time round' and I can quite see what a 'marmite' style a lot of it was, particularly the bits that I love so much. 

For me, it's the chunky bold patterns, earthy colours used, array of textures and over the top design work that appeals. Even right now, designers all over the world are inspired by the style of 1970's home wares and fashion, so I thought I'd share some favourites out there right now. You already know I'm a huge fan of mustard, so it's no wonder this all calls to me!

1. Amanda Shufflebotham 70's flower print | 2. Kokoon Bowl pendant | 3. Orla Kiely containers | 4. Starburst Wall clock | 5. Wild & Wolf Telephone | 6. Orla K Plant bag | 7. Orla K Kettle | Tribu Bucket chair

I absolutely adore all these pieces and can't wait to get shopping after our mass declutter! Although these are all new, you can still pick up some truly vintage 70's items in charity or antique shops for just a few pounds as it's not one of the most popular looks - all the better for me!

Are you a fan of the 70's style home, or do you think it's best left back there?

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