September 16, 2017

Home From Home || Styling Student Bedrooms

This weekend for many is a really big one, it's time for leaving home for new adventures at University and all the fun that comes with it. If you, or someone you know has recently embraced the student life, moving into student accommodation, which more often than not can be as dull as it is small, I'm hoping his may help.

Being away from home can be hard at times, but having a safe space you can call your own, can become a bit of a lifesaver. Having your own space is great, it gives you somewhere peaceful to escape to, where you can collect your thoughts, get some work done and maybe even sleep if you have time.

Despite the value of your own space, student dwellings often leave a little to be desired in the style stakes and don't tend to feel very homely. There are lots of things you can do to spruce up your student spaces, to make them feel a little more like a home from home. Getting creative in your new home can be really fun and exciting, but often with some restrictions on what you can and can't do. The last thing you want to do is risk your deposit by leaving any lasting paint or marks on the walls.

Here's a few simple (and temporary) ways you can bring a little colour and life to your student bedroom or living areas, making yourself feel truly at home. Who said student's shouldn't live in style?

Photo wall

This is such an easy one and can be a great way to keep your loved ones close by. A photo wall not only looks cool, but leaves no lasting damage to walls. Get on Facebook and print off your favourites if you don't have a good stash already. You may want to stick to black and white for a more subtle colour palette (and cheaper printing!). Some companies even print straight from your Instagram account for some pretty, neat square designs.

Photos can just be added to the wall with Blutack or you could create a more modern look using some pretty patterned washi tape to hold the corners. For a bit more creativity, you could even create frames with washi tape to make more of a feature of your favourite pics.

Sticker bomb wall with flyers

Again using Blutack or washi tape, collect those million club and pub fliers you get and make a collage on your wall along with any stickers you collect along the way. Done right, this can look really nice and add a huge splash of colour, as well as a reminder of some of those fun nights out, so get collecting from day one.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are super easy to add as well as remove. You could have a large image, an inspiring quote or even a pretty pattern, but stickers are a very quick, cheap and simple way to add a splash of colour and style to even the dullest of rooms.


An obvious one, but done right posters and fabric posters (tapestries) of your favourite bands or places can really brighten up the space. Fabric posters can be added simply with drawing pins and liven up a huge area all in one go. I used mine to hide the 'prison like' door in my student room and it really softened things up.

Art work

Whether it's your own artwork, a friends or something you buy, artwork really lifts a room and if you choose the right kind they can completely lift your mood and make you feel more at home.


I'm a huge fan of plants and although not exactly green fingered, I think they make such a difference to even the smallest of spaces. Plants help to clear the air, look pretty and bright and if you choose the right plant they can take next to no looking after too.

Photo garland

Photo garlands look really pretty. As simple as a 'washing line' for photos, you can create a super pretty monochrome or multi colour feature for your room using cheap materials, keeping your loved ones close. In the craft section at Poundland and Wilko you'll find mini pegs that will do just the job.

Fairy lights & faux candles

Lighting makes a huge difference to your mood, and nothing feels more relaxing than the twinkling festive fairy lights which are now much more commonly used all year round in bedrooms. You can get creative with your display, use them to spell out words or simply give you some gentle night time reading lights. Faux candles are so good now, with real life life flickering flames and coming in every colour, you can create a peaceful homely vibe for just a few pounds. After my cousin burning down her halls of residence, I strongly suggest faux candles and not the real thing!

Cushions and bedding

Finally for a little home comfort, invest in some soft pretty bedding with matching accessories like cushions. A student room is mainly a base with so much 'work' and partying to do, so when it comes to relaxation or study, soft comfortable furnishings will do just the job to make you feel at home.

Creating  home a from home doesn't have to be expensive, pre loved goods and home made can be just the thing to get your student dwellings up in the style stakes as well as feeling comfortable and relaxing for some much needed down time. As I look back on my moving in day 15 years ago, I really appreciate how much of a difference a homely room makes, during what can be the most amazing few years of your life.

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