September 01, 2017

Life || August

August has been without a doubt the best month of the year for me. I had both my babies home with me the whole month, we had lots of amazing weather, family time and relaxation. 
We spent lots of time at the seaside, discovered a new dog friendly beach and had countless home days chilling in our pyjamas, doing crafts, baking and watching movies. Perfection!


Wearing - This month I embraced a little body confidence and wore a swimming costume on the beach! Not a huge move for some, but a huge step for me especially on a day where I'd even worn shorts! I got myself a nice new Element hoodie and some cardigans ready for Autumn and my absolute favourite has to be my new mustard biker jacket from New Look - dreamy!!

Food & Drink - My favourite thing in August which may explain some of my weight gain, was the donuts you get at the beach! They are so good, you have to eat a few at a time and the are just sugary goodness. We've enjoyed some more BBQs as well as some new recipes from Mindful Chef in a recipe box trial. We enjoyed trying some new fish dishes and making our own paella.

Watched - During August we've watched The Returned on Netflix which was pretty good but a total waste of time as once we finished we found out there would be no season two as it's been axed! Gahh. We've enjoyed the start of Bake Off and dare I say it I think I may actually prefer the new series and line up, there I said it! I took the kids for their first cinema trip courtesy of Yazoo for an end of term treat where we saw the emoji film. I wondered how terrible it would be but actually thought it was OK and the kids loved it. I also had a bucket bigger than my head of popcorn!

Disliked - The main thing I've not liked in August is sadly blog related. I've been bombarded with emails offering paid work, some for free and some for $5 a post! Considering the amount of photography, editing, writing and social sharing that goes on, it feels a bit insulting to be expected to advertise especially for big brands for free.

Loved - We went to Sherwood forest and did the Gruffalo trail which was awesome! You use an app which brings up augmented reality pictures with the characters, the kids were amazed. I've mainly just loved being all together mostly, feeling more relaxed and on top of things with no school runs and little helping hands.

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts from August were my £75 voucher giveaway with Inspired Wallpaper, as well as my other giveaway with Lottie dolls. Aside from giveaways which are always popular, my most shared and read posts were my toddlers post and a photography one about the Steam Punk festival.

Favourite Photo - This one of the kids is my favourite, they are so flipping gorgeous! I've taken lots of photos this month mainly to capture the beautiful colour and flowers before Autumn sets in, as well as all our adventures.

So that was August for me, how was yours? 

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