September 14, 2017

Are Busy Mums Making Enough Time For Their Health?

Lunch packed? Check! Coat and gloves on! Check! Book bag? Check! If this is how you leave the house each morning, then you're probably a busy mum just like me, trying her best to get everything done, often dedicating a lot of time to the kids well being, putting yourself last. 

We do everything for our kids, as well we should, but are you spending enough time looking after yourself, or is your health suffering like mine? We need to take care of ourselves, as well as them. Although it feels like there are no seconds left in the day for ourselves, it's so important to give yourself a few minutes a day to keep on top form and stay healthy. However impossible it seems, start to make time and I promise it will soon become habit. Here's a few pointers to get you started.

Make time for exercise

Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a busy day chasing around after the kids, is go out to an exercise class or the gym. It can seem like this is just too much effort and often sinking into the sofa with some junk TV or a good book feels like exactly what you need. However, if you can just push through this initial feeling, you can often discover that it's more of a mental block than a physical one. 

It can be a pretty enjoyable experience getting out of the house without the kids in tow, meeting up with friends and doing an activity that helps you to shift a bit of your stress. So, if you can, once a week try and go for a run, a yoga class, or gym session, as it can really help to boost both your mental and physical health. Nothing beats the feeling of those endorphins pumping, not to mention breaking free of the house if you can and doing something just for you. If you don't have the time, child care or money to leave the house for exercise, there are lots of online classes to work through or even jumping around to your favourite tunes will help keep your mind and body active.

Make time for check-ups 

You wouldn't think twice about taking the kids to the doctors for a check-up if there was something wrong, but often we put off our own appointments due to lack of time, having a toddler in tow or any other excuse we can think of to do something more beneficial to the family. This is not great practise for our health, and can even exacerbate some problems if they are left without treatment for a long time. 

If it's the physical appointment that scares you off or dragging the kids round, it's even easier now to get a check-up in minutes by using a service like this online NHS GP one. All you have to do is go on your phone and pick an appointment that is convenient to you, and you can talk to a doctor the same day, how cool is that? There really is no excuse for putting off that check-up or issue you wanted to get checked out, even if you are a busy and stressed mama. Oh, and if you're reading this and it's a smear test you're putting off, go go go!!!

Eat well

Another thing we can often fiercely neglect, is our own meals and nutrition. Having filling healthy meals throughout the day with plenty of water, can make us feel so much better. If you struggle to find time to whip up something 'proper' during a busy day, have a go at meal planning and meal prepping. A few minutes every few days to prepare meals is nothing, but makes a huge difference to your day having a hearty meal sat there ready and waiting.

Make time for rest 

I can almost hear you laughing at this one. You're thinking " I can't remember what a full night's sleep looks like!" Although it's precisely for this reason that you need to prioritise some down time whenever you can. Just a few minutes a day could help and we should never be too proud to ask for help on days where we're struggling. Even the smallest of mama time outs can work wonders for your mood and energy levels, making everything a little easier to cope with, even those baby screams, whilst helping to keeping you as healthy as possible

It's so easy to put everyone else first as parents and very easy to neglect ourselves. A little a day goes a long way and prevents us getting run down or any long standing issues getting worse. Lack of sleep can be absolutely killer, but no matter how hectic our lives, there will always be a way of scheduling in some down time. Couple time and relationships are so important too. Never be afraid to seek some kind of couples therapy if needed or up the date nights to ensure that togetherness stays strong. Look after yourselves mamas!

Do you feel you take enough time out for you and your health?

* Collaborative post

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