September 12, 2017

A Crafternoon With Addo Play || Foil Cards & Bobble It Modelling

This summer we've been trying out some brilliant toys and crafts from Addo Play. Last week we had a few quieter house days so got stuck into two of our fab craft sets, the perfect rainy day activity. We were so impressed with these kits I thought I'd share how the kids got on and what they made.

The kits we tried out were the Out Of The Box Foil card making kit and Bobble It modelling packs. Neither were anything we had tried before and we really enjoyed them both. Alf is 5, Soph is 3 and these kits were perfect for both of them.

Out Of The Box Foil Card Kit

This kit is super clever! Complete with one large picture to decorate and lots of cards, the kids got to make something that looks really pretty and effective to keep, frame and give to friends & family.

My favourite thing about this craft, is that aside from a little paper waste, this is a totally mess free craft requiring no glue, no paint, nothing that will require cleaning up or bathing off the kids. That, as a parent is always a great thing, especially when it's fun too.

The way to do this craft is so simple, yet so amazingly effective that we can't wait to go to the toy shop and get another one. Each picture/card has an image on, with all the major details pealing off a bit like stickers. The bits that peal off go in the bin, leaving a sticky surface in the shaped area.

Next, you just have to press one of the foils from the packs down onto the sticky area, peel off and voila! The colour/pattern sticks to the picture effectively colouring it in, with sparkles, rainbows and colour. I can't get over how good this looks!

The kids were so proud of their works. Alf made the owl picture for his room, you would never think that this has been created by a five year old, it just looks brilliant and it's such a clever idea. Some of the areas have 'S' on, which means this is where sequins from the kit should go. The kids found them a little tricky and preferred to use the foils instead, but they still look great.

Soph needed a little more help peeling off the areas to reveal the sticky bits, but loved putting on the pretty foils and was really happy with her pictures. We've now completed the kit and it's on Alf's birthday list for next month, so definitely a hit. This would be a brilliant birthday present or stocking filler.

Bobble It

When I first saw the packs of Bobble It, I must admit I was kind of dreading trying this one out. Although mess is all good sometimes, I was worried this would be super sticky - it isn't at all.

Bizarrely, Bobble It isn't sticky, it's stretchy, fun to model with, comes in lots of colours and best of all, the colour doesn't transfer to hands or clothing (or our new sofa...). I'd be happy for the kids to play with this unattended as it's not something that would cause a mess.

The kids have loved playing with Bobble It, and to be honest I have too. We love modelling clay so this was a totally different texture, with all the fun of creating models. I got to work making macaroons for Soph's pretend shop and the kids made some really sweet little animals, with Soph making some biscuits and cakes to sell in her shop too.

Bobble It is weird, but in a good way! It's oddly satisfying to play with and feels nice, not at all slimy or sticky as I expected. We will definitely be investing in some more kits from Bobble It, they make a change, dry out so they can keep their models and are just a perfect rainy day filler for ages three and up.

We loved testing these kits out and will be back for more at The Entertainer where both are stocked right now. We've been trying out some other bits from Addo play which I'll be sharing over the next few weeks, but these are well worth checking out for gifts and activity ideas as they're super purse friendly too!

Do you have a little crafter at home that would enjoy these kits?

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