Mama Style || Casual Layering - Autumn

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, so I'm delighted to welcome back Autumn and all the chilly days and cosiness that comes with it. Clothes wise, Autumn for me is all about layering. The weather is completely unpredictable all year round now, so simple light layers truly are the answer.

I partially enjoy summer, but the clothing has to be my least favourite part of all. Although I don't feel comfortable in a lot of summer clothing due to my size (my preference, everyone else seems to look great in all sizes!), I just much prefer knits, coats, bobble hats and all that jazz, as opposed to the chiffonic fluffiness of the summer wardrobe.

I thought I'd pop some ideas together to show you just how I'll be layering and putting my outfits together this Autumn, using some of my favourite basic colours, with casual clothing and accessories. The key is to be ready for the sun to pop out one minute, then layered up for freezing winds the next. 

Autumn, I love you!

Yellow | Black | Grey

Khaki | Black | Denim

Although there's no reason not to wear brighter colours this time of year, I'm a huge fan of the classic black and denim, it never fails to do the job all year round and in Autumn especially, with a little added colour splashed here and there.

Yellow and mustard have seen me through the whole year so far, both in my clothing and also in our home. I love that mustard is popular again this Autumn as it means it'll be a bit more accessible to stock up! I love bobble hats too, they're such an easy hair cover up, they keep you warm, tying an outfit together really easily.

Pinafores are super comfy, you can never have too many raincoats and hoodies are literally our best friend this season! Generally, as long as you add light layers to pop on and off, you can't go wrong in Autumn. 

Would you wear either of these outfits? What's your Autumn must have?