Blogging || Dissecting The Blog Goals For 2017

It's utter craziness that nearly an entire year has passed since I sat right here, setting my blog goals for 2017. I know without looking back that some have definitely not been reached, but I thought I'd have a good look back and see how far I got, in preparation for next years plans.

In a way, regardless of my goals, I feel like I've come a really long way this year. I have a lot more confidence in my blog, I am moving it in a direction I am happier with and have managed to earn a part time wage which was ultimately the dream for this year.

Here's a look back at the aims of 2017 and how I got on with those goals.

Goals set for 2017


Twitter - reach 10K followers - I reached 8.3K

Facebook - reach 5k likes - I reached 1631

Instagram - reach 10K on both accounts - I reached 5k on one and 7.5k on the other

Pinterest - Get my head around how to best use it/pin every post - Improved but not mastered!


Stick to a blog schedule to ensure posts are completed on time and something is posted daily. Not perfect on the planning but improved, posted daily.

Schedule social media posts for even coverage. Occasionally on track with this, mostly not unless it's scheduling for a project with a brand.

Schedule my working hours so I know things like comments will be replied to, emails sorted etc. Not quite.


Join in 3+ linkys a week and continue to grow my own. I actually decided to reduce linkies and stop my own, it feels good!


Work out how to add a shop section to my blog.

Work on stock and list items.

Promote shop and work with other bloggers. Shop launch delayed until I have the right software to edit images. I've been working on illustrating our books instead and I'm so excited to self publish next year!


Have a little more confidence in myself & my blog, promote my work more and ensure all posts are shared. Need to work on FB shares, but Twitter much improved.


Match my part time wage on average every month. With some lower months and some better months, I've achieved this one which is great.


Improve my photography - Better, but still needs work.

Improve my writing - Hoping this has improved! Definitely feeling more confident.

8. VLOG!

I would love to dive into the Vlog world, I'm useless on camera and sound like a child but I really do enjoy video editing and I think it can open so many more doors. I still don't have a way to edit videos, but for now to improve my confidence in front of the camera, I'm playing with live videos on Insta.

This year so far

Although some of my goals for 2017 haven't been met and are unlikely to do so in the remainder of December, I am really pleased with my progress.

I feel more like I know what direction I'm going in with my blog, what my niche is a little more and I've also learnt a lot more about the blogging world and how I fit into it.

The blogging community is amazing but I often feel that a lot of it is a bit of a game, a game which I don't really want to play. I want success, follows and shares to be more because people actually like what I'm doing, more than being part of a like for like thread of Instagram pod. I have dabbled with these and they are not an easy Street, they take a lot of hard work and ultimately I think a lot of it is a bit pointless. Essentially to be successful you need to have interesting things to say, inspire or share great content. Playing the blogging games can only get you so far, surely?

I'm pleased that I've earned money. Working for yourself can be stressful, wracked with guilt at times and frustrating when waiting for payments, but when the work rolls in and payments get banked, it's far more satisfying than working for someone else, just without that guarantee and safety net.

I am so pleased with myself that I've managed to earn from home as a stay at home mum, it was always my life goal to get to stay home so I'm so so happy this year has given me chance to do that entirely.

My photography has greatly improved, I'm much more capable of taking the shots I want so just need to work on learning more about the settings so pictures require less editing. 

I'm happy with the way my blog looks but really would like a fresher cleaner new look next year, watch this space.

My blog is moving into more of a home/lifestyle angle with the angle of family homes and being a Mum. Realising this change has had a hugely positive impact, I feel much more inspired and it's much for fun that the baby toddler posts that aren't really as relevant to me now.

As our lives move on and the baby days are gone, part of that for me means moving on with my blog a little too. It's sad but exciting at the same time.

When I set goals for next year I'll be taking the 90 day approach, creating smaller more manageable targets that I can work towards and reconsider in smaller doses. This seems a much better way of getting organised, keeping on track and seeing a little quicker any areas I need to work on. For the remainder of December I'll be working on the above and drafting posts for the coming weeks so I can enjoy some time off and enjoy some much needed family time.

Did you set any goals this year?