Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blogging || My Top 10 Posts of 2017

With another blogging year coming to an end, I thought I'd look back and find the ten most popular blog posts of the year. The most popular in terms of numbers are of course giveaway posts, as well as gift guides so I'll exclude these from this selection as they aren't quite as interesting to look back on after the event.

Looking back on the ones that had the most reads and shares is so important to stay on track, to know what people want to be reading on here and to help me focus on my goals for next year. Also, if you've missed any of these, you may just enjoy reading them too.

Here's my top ten posts of 2017.

1. Upcycling Vinyl Records

When I volunteered to review a kettle and incorporate a craft into the post, I had to think on my feet for something suitable. I suddenly remembered something I'd always wanted to try which was making bowls from records. I love vinyls, but sometimes you just need to make a little sacrifice to make something special and these worked so well.

2. 5 Beauty Must Haves Under £5

As someone regularly on a low budget for most things, finding treats for myself that are not just affordable but also pretty amazing to use too is a must. I'm still a fan of all these and they are an absolute steal for the prices too!

best drugstore makeup

3. Kids Storage Ideas

Clutter and storage problems are a huge problem for most families, especially when it comes to toys. Finding ways to store kids toys and accessories all around the home and not just in play rooms and kids rooms can often be a struggle. I shared a few creative storage solutions to help families just like mine.

4. Shake That Weight Results

After a month on plan, I shared how I got on with a low calorie diet plan from Shake That Weight. I did so well on these diets but have subsequently let greed and mental health win and regained most my eight. I can't recommend these plans enough though for a quick easy boost into a healthier lifestyle.

5. Styling My Work Space

Finally getting somewhere just for me in our family home felt so wonderful. I was gifted a lovely desk and managed to create my very own work space to keep my things and feel a little bit more professional with my blog work. I love how it turned out!

6. Home Style || December Favourites

The first of my monthly updates posts for the home and I'm so pleased that it did well instantly. Being Christmas this one was more on the festive side, but I'll be sharing my favourite home styles each month so watch this space!

7. Rug Doctor review

Finally getting round to sorting the play room out with a Rug Doctor on loan. Carpet we had decided to replace was given one more chance at life and the results were insane!

8. Flying Tiger Comes To Lincoln

When I heard Flying Tiger were coming to town, I couldn't wait to visit. When I was asked to visit as a blogger, things got even more exciting! I've since been back time and time again and I absolutely love this store.

9. Leaf Print Camo Bag - Craft

Coming up with monthly crafts is something I really enjoy. Working with Bostik has given me some great ideas over the past year and this one had to be a favourite, I'm glad others enjoyed it too.

10. Parents, We Need To Talk

Talking honestly from parent to parent is something I really enjoy. Part of me dreads hitting publish on some of these posts as I fear people won't understand or feel ready to cart me off to an asylum. Actually though, the response to this kind of post is amazing, people can always relate and I love the thought that someone else may read it and be relieved they aren't alone, or take comfort in the fact there is another lunatic mother like me out there winging the day to day with a smile.

I'm so glad to see some of my favourite posts were also popular with blog readers. As well as the ten above, were some of my most heart felt personal posts which have also been really popular and it's so nice to know others feel the same way or at least give that time to read what I have to say.

I'm pleased too that so many home related posts were a hit this year as this is the direction I am wanting to take my blog in, with a family home angle now my babies are growing up and the baby toddler posts are dwindling. I still have a pretty big health project on the go so I'm glad people enjoy reading about that kind of thing too as I feel it may feature a bit more next year.

A huge thank you to everyone that has read anything on my blog this year, I've loved this year and even left my job to focus solely on this. I could not be happier!

Happy new year everyone!