Mama Style || Christmas Jumpers For All

Christmas jumpers for all (with one sneaky dress)

At Christmas time you really have to embrace the cheese, the fluffy and the downright hideously Christmassy clothing. In recent years it's become such a 'thing' and it's getting so much easier to find cool (so bad they're good) jumpers for the whole family, even our family pooches.

I thought I'd share some of my favourites this year, with a sneaky dress thrown in - because it is simply amazing and needs to be seen! With Christmas jumper day just a matter of days away on the 15th, now's the perfect time to get shopping.


1. I am your Father Christmas | 2. Penguin with toy - George | 3. This dude - George | 4. Festive dinosaur - HM | 5. Snow Way - Primark (in store only) | 6. Tree dress - HM | 7. Christmas is magical - HM | 8. Musical gangster clause - Primark | 9. Turtles Xmas Amazon

My favourite of all is the Turtles jumper, it looks so 80's and bad, but oh so good. The Christmas tree dress may not be a jumper, but it is so different and screams Christmas so had to be featured. I'm hoping to grab one in the sale for next Christmas as we don't need any more this year! I also love the little penguin jumper from George at Asda with a little cuddly toy in the pocket, little features like that make all the difference. 

Grown ups

1. Cotton headed ninny nuggins | 2. Star Wars Yoda - Geekcore | 3. Mother Christmas - Selfish Mother | 4. Tree rex - HM | 5. Jaqcuard knit - HM | 6. Holly & Turkey - Truffle Shuffle | 7. Birthday boy sweater - Grind Store | 8. Joyeux narwahl - NOTHS | 9. Miffy Truffle Shuffle

When it comes to adult jumpers, you almost have to find the worst (but best) one on offer to stand out from the crowd and not be taken too seriously. That said, I love Selfish Mother's Christmas jumper with a simple 'Mother Christmas' motif on. Which is your favourite?


1. Jumper dress tartan - eBay | 2. Official cookie tester - eBay | 3. Festive tee - eBay | 4. Fairisle - John Lewis | 5. Moose hood - Pets at home | 6. Reindeer - Time for paws | 7. Star print - Light in the box | 8. Santa - Pets at home | 9. Antler hood - Tesco 

How cute are these dogs?! If you have a small dog particularly, they do really feel the cold so it's always good to add an extra layer, especially with a super cold Winter on its way.

Are you a fan of the Christmas jumper?