Christmas || Gift Wrapping With Duck Tape

I actually quite enjoy the process of wrapping presents, I find it quite therapeutic and love finding pretty papers as well as new wrapping ideas. Sometimes you just want a special present to stand out and shine a little, so I've been looking at simple ways this can be done.

I was recently sent some gorgeous glittery tapes from Duck to try out and I had no idea that you could buy such pretty duck tapes! There is so much you can do with these, the crafting opportunities are pretty endless. I decided to incorporate mine into my wrapping though this month, seeing as I will be spending a LOT of my time doing this, it makes sense to see how Duck could help.

I started with a simple box shape (always a firm favourite!), wrapped in paper and added a belt round each side made from tape. Super easy!

Next construct a bow, which was basically two big loops doubled back on themselves, with a little tape belt. 

Secure the loops in place with the belt using a little bit of tape. Fold them back to 'puff' them up a bit.

Make a sticky loop with a little tape and fix the bow in place on top of your gift.

All finished!

I think the tape works really well and looks really fun! For special gifts that need that bit of extra sparkle, without being too fiddly, this tape is just perfect!

Have you tried out the glitter Duck tapes yet? 

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