Life || December

December has been a lovely month, more so towards the end, with the end of the school term, school shows, too much food and Christmas itself. We've had a pretty good month but have all been really poorly at some point with sick bugs, chest infections and croup - not fun! Luckily we were all feeling much better for Christmas should be able to enjoy all the festivities as normal.
Blog wise I've had to have a bit more time off with being poorly and having kids home/poorly kids, so things have had to slide a little while other things just had to come first. I'm excited for next year and thinking about new goals for the coming months.


Wearing - December has been all about the leggings, hoodies, my faux fur collar that I pop on with everything and warm boots. I've been trying to avoid buying too much as I want to get dieting in January and don't want too many clothes I can't wear.

Food & Drink - December as always has been ALL about the food. Co-op fresh mince pies are this years winner, as well as those little smoked salmon/cream cheese appetizers! I could eat them for days.

Watched - During December we've watched the end of the new Peaky Blinders series which I absolutely loved. We watched a film called 'Blended' with Adam Sandler which we've never heard of but actually really enjoyed. TV wise I've been really enjoying Eastenders and all they have going on right now.

Disliked - The main thing I've disliked this month is the cold. I'm sick of it already and as much as I enjoyed the kids seeing snow briefly, I'm ready for some mild Spring weather already!

Loved - We loved the Christmas experience at Rand farm, there was so much to do, to take in and the toy shop and faux snow at the end were amazing. For me, I've loved getting new makeup, seeing Alf in his Christmas show, having no school runs and all being together.

Most popular blog posts - My most popular posts from December have been this one, making bows and wrapping with sparkly Duck tape, as well as my post about kids storage from a while back.

Favourite Photo - I love this photo of Alf and Soph playing in the faux snow after seeing Santa at Rand farm. It was a bit of a last minute day out before Christmas but they absolutely loved it!

Another favourite is this one of Soph. We'd been stuck in a few days after being poorly so me and her left the boys with their bikes and went for a play at the museum. Soph gets really bored and plays up at home so it was nice to take her out, see her smile and have some fun together.

So that was December for me, how was yours?