Health & Fitness || Getting To Grips

Since my last update, I've had an awakening visit to the nurse at my GP practise where I was basically weighed and advised to lose around 8 stone. I actually need to dump the weight of a full grown adult without just chopping myself in half, it's a huge task!

I'm going to be weighed with the nurse every few weeks to try and keep on top of my weight loss and keep the motivation going without spending lots of money on weekly meets etc which just never work out for me. After my next weigh in I may be offered some kind of help with my weight loss efforts, presumably a prescription of some kind that reduces fat intake as I'm not sure I could handle any kind of surgery, nor do I think I'm quite at that stage.

I'm kind of getting to grips with things at the moment, I've been consciously snacking less, trying to wait for meals and have healthier or lower calorie options and it seems to be paying off. I'm just a few pounds down now but with minimal effort and I've been walking so much more to try and get a bit more active.

I'm super stressed at the moment, with the pre-Christmas stuff as well as a company I worked with earlier in the year hounding me for payment for a review product I was sent for free. People don't realise what a huge affect this kind of thing has on peoples stress levels, my anxiety is through the roof worrying if I will be sent a debt collector, more rude emails etc etc whilst they ignore my calls and answer none of my questions! It's honestly driving me crazy and although I won't name the company, I have to say this is really making it hard as a stress eater not to reach for the sugar. I'm trying to ignore it and not let it ruin my mojo this week but it's so hard, I hate anything to do with money and I would never owe anything because of this exact feeling - frustrating as hell.

Stress aside, I'm really pleased with my progress so far, even if it's just a little, I've showed I can do this if I try and I'm actually kind of excited about hammering this in the new year, strengthening my back and pelvis again with exercise and dumping some of this weight slowly but surely.

My back and pelvis have been so bad this past few weeks, there's nothing worse for me than when I wake up and can't move straight away or take ages to get up to go to the bathroom, I hate feeling this way and although I'm in my thirties I am too young to be like this so really need to try and get fit to fight it all. I have physio next week, so hopefully I can get some more exercises to try to make the pain more bearable and also get them to make sure everything is where it should be as I feel all over the place at the moment.

With Christmas just a few weeks away it does become a bit of a challenge when it comes to dieting, but I am going to try and stick to just that few days of eating whatever and not throwing myself off track completely if I can help it. I need to learn that there is more to life than food, even if it does still make me happy in the short term.

As always I'll be sharing my journey over on Instagram at so please do pop over if you're on a weightloss journey too and say hi!