Mama Style || December Favourites

If I had to sum up Decembers clothing for me, it would be fluffy, warm and colourful. I have times where I simply can't bring myself to wear anything but black and others where I wear no black at all and beam colour! I had a few of those days in December, with matching bandannas of course.

My favourite thing to wear has been the faux fur collar from Primark, it goes over my biker jackets making them look like more wintry versions, without having to buy new. It's also fluffy (SO FLUFFYYYY!) and really warm too, I just wish I'd got the other dusty pink colour too.

Otherwise it's been all about the cosy jumpers, leggings to accommodate the extra eating and anything warm over the top, I hate feeling cold. The pinafores have appeared again but less so than before as they are looking a little tired and my belly gets in their way a bit right now! (Thank you mince pies...)

What were your December wardrobe staples?