Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas || Tips For Last Minute Larrys

No matter how prepared we are, there is always something last minute to be in a panic about when it comes to Christmas. As the big day looms closer and we rapidly feel time slipping away, we may just need a last minute bout of motivation or inspiration to get things ready for a slightly more stress free last few days.

From last minute gift ideas to food prep, here's a few tips for any other last minute Larrys out there needing a little boost. With less than a week to go, we have plenty of time to get everything sorted, so stop panicking and get suck in to these;

Gifts & Wrapping

  • Remember tomorrow (20th Dec) is the last day for posting first class for arrival before Christmas, so any gifts that need posting need sorting out first.
  • If you have no shopping time left and are likely to miss the post, think about what you can send online such as e-cards, email vouchers, theatre or gig tickets. You could even order something like a magazine subscription, a gift that will go on throughout the year.
  • With the kids off school, get recording those films and pull out some forgotten DVDs to keep them busy while you get wrapping.

  • Flowers and plants make a great last minute gift, wrap in hessian and festive ribbon to look a little more special.
  • Sort gifts into people/families and organise your wrapping materials before you start.
  • Make some home made gifts with the kids while they're off school.
  • Pop to a supermarket, print some pictures from your phone and grab a frame, perfect gift.

Food & Drink

  • Make lists before heading out to the shops.
  • Save money by popping to Aldi for their amazing Christmas puddings, Prossecco and buffet treats. They're open late and have a brilliant selection of beers, wines & spirits, which make great last minute presents too! I love this French Malbec and mini wine cellar for just £9.99!

  • Prepare food that can be frozen now ready for the big day.
  • Don't stress about making foods from scratch, use short cuts where you can such as pre-made pastry!
  • Write a list with all the times on for your cooking so you don't get in a flap.
  • Make sure you're stocked up to avoid visits to shops until new year.
  • Prep veg in advance as well as anything else that can be started the day before or put in the slow cooker.

Home & General Prep

  • Make sure you have enough chairs for all your guests, if not borrow from a neighbour or friend.
  • Make sure if you drive, that you fill up your petrol tank well before Christmas to avoid any last minute panic!
  • Keep on top of clutter, tidy as you go and get the kids involved.
  • Make space for guests to put their coats and shoes to lessen the clutter on the day.
  • Child proof your home for any little visitors.

  • Have a bag or box ready to put in wrapping paper as the kids plough through their presents.
  • Make the house smell amazing and festive with Christmas scented plug ins or candles.
  • Make sure to have plenty of spare blankets around so guests have the option to wrap up if they feel chilly.
  • If you have lots of drinks to chill, make the most of the cold weather by leaving safely in the back garden or porch.
  • Make sure cameras and phones are charged to capture the Christmas magic.

Whatever you have left to do, just start by making a list and ticking things off one by one, it'll feel a lot less stressful and give you a clearer idea of the order you need to do things.

Are you organised this year or a bit of a last minute Larry?

Collaborative post with Aldi.