Friday, December 08, 2017

Christmas || Home Vs Away

I love Christmas at home, but we do always have the same conversation every year about booking somewhere last minute to jet off to over Christmas. Escaping the craziness, having an epic snowy adventure and being miles away from the normality of life certainly has its appeals, right?

A friend of ours is off to Lapland before Christmas and I just think what an amazing adventure for a child to have, to be somewhere so magical at such a special time.

There's also the fact that it's utterly freezing, so the thought of heading off to a sunny beach instead, spending Christmas in our swimming gear sounds equally as magical to me. Would it still feel like Christmas though? There are so many different cultures and traditions that revolve around Christmas all over the globe, it would be amazing to see some of these in the flesh and just have a guilt free rest far far away.

The main thing that puts me off going away for Christmas is the thought of travelling, I've seen home alone and it's legitimately a worry that a disaster would happen or that it would be the one year we'd have decent snowfall and not make it to the airport.

Another thing that makes me a home bird is the fact that it is such a lovely time to catch up with family we don't see much through the year, not to mention the sheer joy on the kids faces when they wake up at home on Christmas day to find our living room has been transformed into a festive wonderland with special gifts for them.

Right now, while the kids are so small and easy to please, home gets my vote this year once again. One day though, when they're older and easier to take away without tears and tantrums about the lack of gifts taken on our travels, we would definitely love to just go and book a surprise trip somewhere and enjoy the festivities in another land.

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* Collaborative post with Holiday Gems.