Christmas || Rand Farm Christmas Experience

We always head to Rand farm for Christmas, but this year they really exceeded our expectations with a whole heap of extra activities, beautiful reindeers, a magical Santa visit and the biggest best toy shop yet for their special gift.

I didn't get many pictures on the day, but went back later to grab a few pictures when it was empty so you could see all the work that went into making it extra special for all the family this year.

For me, the loveliest bit was the twinkling forest of Christmas trees which you could look through with magic glasses that made the lights into snowman shapes, it was amazing and I'd not seen anything like it before. The faux snow at the end of the visit was a great touch, the kids adored it and would have loved it to have gone on for longer. The reindeers were great this year as we could get up closer than usual and even buy special food to hand feed them. The biscuit making part always seems a bit rushed but the kids love it and really enjoyed their biscuits when we got home.

There are lots of games and activities around the Christmas area, from throwing hoops and balls, fishing for penguins, sending a letter to Santa, filling a bag of reindeer food to take home and plenty more. There was also nativity performances through the day and a little elf school to teach the kids elf (circus) skills. Basically a big day out with lots to do!

The kids absolutely loved Rand's Christmas offerings this year and were very happy with the presents they chose which was a board game for Alf and a big fluffy teddy for Soph. The price was a little higher this year but with all there was to see and do, as well as the rest of the regular farm and decent gifts from Santa, it was well worth it. The gift shop was lacking slightly for older kids (Alf's 6 and struggled), but amazing for toddlers and younger children.

Overall I was really impressed this year, it did feel truly magical and really got us all excited for Christmas! There was no queue when we went and with so much more on offer it spread people out meaning there was far less hanging about than previous years. Big thumbs up from us!

Did you take your kids to see Father Christmas this year?