Saturday, December 02, 2017

Mama Style || November Favourites

I'm getting so excited about Christmas now and I've actually been enjoying the colder weather, the temperatures really dropped so out come the coats scarves and fluffy goodness. Winter is the best month for clothes, I'm not a fan of showing skin and love knit wear, so this really is my season!

Obviously the weight issue has gone nowhere fast, but at this point it's slowly becoming a 'I'll sort that out next year' kinda thing, so for now I'm just dressing for my size and shape, buying whatever size needs to be on the label to fit (between size 10 and 20 because the sizings are crazy here) and make the best of what I have to work with.

I've dumped the colour a bit this month, I just haven't felt into it and the last thing you want when you feel bloated to hell is to draw attention to it with bright yellow - for now anyway. I love black clothes, I own far too many and this past few weeks I have been living in them. I love my HM black sweater with a  small rainbow motif, it's like a nod to colour, but a 'not just now'. I adore my New Look parka with faux fur hood, but I've equally been living in my new biker jacket from Primark (£14) along with a fur collar from there (£6) for a slightly slinkier look when I don't fancy wearing a big coat. The best thing about the Primark jacket is that it's real 100% genuine bonafide plastic, so it's really quite warm. Paired with gloves, it's perfect for this weather, especially with lots of walking about fetching kids etc all day.

Here's some of my favourite looks from November, I can't actually believe how quick that month has gone yet again! 

Next month I'm really going to try and wear jeans more as I totally failed on that this month, introduce some skirts and tights and try and be a bit more girly, making a bit more effort on choosing my outfits in advance.

What's been your Winter favourites so far?