Monday, October 15, 2018

Often when it comes to renting, one of the biggest let downs can be not being allowed to drill into walls to add things like shelves, not having free reign with decorating and forever feeling like you're living in someone else's home. It's important though to make your rented home feel like yours, regardless of whether you'll be there for just a few months or for years to come.

We all need that safe space to call our own, that place we can go, shut the door and feel truly relaxed and comfortable. With restrictions on things like decor in a rented space, this can often feel like a big old task and can really affect how you feel about your own home. I thought I'd share a few ways by which you can start making your rented home reflect your style a little more right now, with some temporary & easy to remove decor and styling tips that work for any home.

Wall decor

If you're allowed to decorate but need to keep things neutral, opt for clean white walls. White walls couldn't come at a better time, with the biggest home trends being all things Scandinavian, with a neutral and relatively minimalist look. Think of it as your blank canvas that you can build on to create something perfect for you and your family. 

Add pictures to walls and if you can't hang nails get creative with washi tape, bring out the blu tack or add some sticker frames, wall stickers or removable wallpaper.

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Accessories & furnishings

Unless you have a guaranteed long term tenancy in the property, opt for furniture that can fit in any home in case you  move on, so you can still feel at home instantly in the next place. If the house comes furnished, work with what you have. Maybe you could add throws, see if it can it be cleaned up, covered temporarily or accessorised to suit your taste. You may even be able to have their furniture removed or stored to make space for your own if you have some. You can really add personality with soft furnishings as well as your accessories which will all add much needed texture and excitement to a bland room. Plants are also your friend here, they bring life to our homes and fill awkward spaces perfectly. Add rugs to rooms to express a bit of you, add warmth and bring rooms together.

Wall shelf & wall mirror alternatives

If you're not able to drill into walls to hang shelves, mirrors and pictures, fear not as there are alternatives that can look even better and often more modern too. Instead of wall mounted shelves, opt for something like a ladder shelf that can be free standing, stacked with treasures, plants and pictures and break up a room. Floor standing mirrors, or tall wall leaning mirrors can look amazing, reflecting light, making rooms look bigger and adding depth and height to your home. You could even have large framed art prints on the floor leaning on walls or on top of furniture for a laid back apartment feel.

If there's something more permanent you're desperate to do though, then it's always worth asking the letting agent or land lord to see what they say, especially if it's a home improvement that will add value to the property in some way. Quite often, they will let you do your thing while you're there regardless and while some may want you to fill nail holes or repaint to neutrals when you move out, some appreciate the need for a homely space and will give you a little more free reign when it comes to making it perfect for you while you're there.

Do you have any other ideas for homely rented homes?

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