Sunday, October 07, 2018

Wafflemama Shop: October Update

It's been a few months now since I launched my Etsy store and I'm pretty happy with my current stock, but also on the brink of adding some new additions which I hope will boost sales pre-Christmas and get it going. The focus now is to try and drive those sales, get potential customers to look at my shop and focus on what I'm enjoying producing most. 

My sailor themed animals are a current favourite, as well as embracing a little more colour to bring the images alive and make them more of a bold feature when framed. I'm currently framing some up for sale, working on a commission and getting some coasters ready to pop on the page. Here's some favourites from the shop right now;

The problem with Etsy is that it's awash with other items, with so many creative people selling their makes it's made for a pretty saturated market place with swarms of similar work and talented people! I need to try and start advertising my work now and as I've finally worked out how to print from home, this makes things a lot easier and a lot more marketable. To see more, click here to visit my store!

Do you have any tips for using Etsy successfully?