Thursday, October 04, 2018

Mama Life || The One About The Squirrel

Today the weirdest thing happened. Whilst playing in the park, Alf suddenly shouted 'Mummy, I've got a squirrel on my leg!'. It turned out a baby squirrel had climbed him and was now nuzzled into his tummy looking happy as Larry. Shit, what do you do with a baby squirrel?

I took the squirrel which then curled up on my chest and went to sleep, literally the cutest thing I've ever seen - super tame, super fluffy and no, it's bite didn't hurt but it did try to have a little nibble on my bracelet. That was my biggest worry, I had no idea if it was dangerous to hold him, especially for the kids, but he was so tame like the best hamster ever and it was looking like we didn't have a choice.

I got my phone out to consult Google on the next step and the battery died just as I searched. Shit again. Alf had totally drained what little battery I had playing Pokemon Go, so we were stuck. I was surrounded by kids desperate to see this squirrel, who was happy being held but as soon as you put him down he'd shake like a leaf and run back up our legs for comfort. He wasn't fussed who, but only us three! I was scared he would get snapped up by a dog if we left him and some of the other kids were a little rough, so that worried me too.

Other mums in the park came and went, none with any more squirrel knowledge than me and left with cries of 'good luck with your squirrel' and 'looks like you've got a new pet there' which was particularly unhelpful as the kids were crying to keep this beautiful wild animal as a pet, um no. We could see older squirrels around, so I just hoped one of those was his mummy looking for him, if only he'd leave us long enough for her to come find him.

I couldn't believe how lovely the squirrel (Murray) was, I rocked it to sleep like a crazy person and made it a sleeping bag with my sock - the logical next step surely? He wouldn't settle anywhere so as he was asleep we returned home to get my phone charged and grab my camera, this felt so special and unlikely to happen again so I wanted some photos to remember him, the kids were so happy by the whole thing!

Four hours later...

Soph had an accident at the park, so Me and Alf took Murray back to his tree in the hope he would finally stay this time, and he luckily did. Not after me climbing a big wall to try and get him in his tree, nearly impaling myself on the fence! I was then very bruised on my tummy and feeling a bit silly. Murray climbed down and made himself comfy under some leaves so we made our escape. Alf was in bits, he said the squirrel was his friend now and made me feel like the worst mother ever for not letting him keep him, a wild squirrel. Google had told me to either find a suitable rescue place with a license or leave him to find his Mum near the tree, we went for option two as Soph was in hospital by this point and our priority was to get home. There was a bigger squirrel squeaking next to us so I really hope that was his mum!