Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Home Style || October Home

October has been quiet in our home. We've enjoyed the peace and quiet of having our house back after the kitchen renovations, and although we've done a little furnishing and decorating, we still have a way to go before we are totally finished. Now though, it's more a case of little and often which is far more relaxed and bearable than spending hours and days getting it done, which we simply don't have spare.

On our to do list still is to finish painting, paint woodwork, put up shelves, shop for a storage unit and TV, clean and check seals on conservatory roof and hang up our decorative bits. These are the bits we enjoy though, so with a few child free days coming up we will soon have it ready, hopefully in time for Christmas. For now though, it's totally useable and feels like we have a whole new room to play with.

On the blog, I've created lots of home related posts from small bathroom tips to planning large renovations, hopefully something will help you with your home projects this year. Here's what I wrote about in October;

As you can see I was pretty busy working on home posts this month, if you want to read any of them for further tips, just click on the links above. This month I'll be starting the big pre Christmas declutter. The thought of bringing more things in here at the moment is pretty dire, so we need to make space!

What are your home goals this month?