Monday, October 08, 2018

Mama Life || 10 Reasons Why We Love IKEA

Are you a fan of Ikea? It's always been an exciting day out for me, and having never been particularly close to any it was so exciting to hear the new one had been built at Sheffield. This one is so much easier to get to than the Nottingham store and never as busy. It's a full day out for me and I just love it all, from the way the shop is dressed to the artwork used in store. I thought I'd share ten reasons why I adore our Ikea trips. Let me know what your Ikea favourites are too!

1. Meatballs & food 

Meatballs are always firmly on our list of purchases when visiting. If we end up there late, we often end up with a 50p hotdog tea too and I rarely leave without at least a little pick and mix and a big sack of Daim bar minis! The whole family loves the food at Ikea and it's so affordable too.

2. Childcare

This isn't your standard 'yay time to dump the kids in childcare' that you may be expecting. At Ikea, you can put children up to ten in their professional creche for an hour, which is SO important when you have real shopping to do, like kitchen designing, or just generally anything you need to be focusing on instead of prizing the kids from everything vaguely breakable. This is such a great service that helps parents get shit done, but I'm sure works well for them in return with those parents doing an hours supermarket sweep style shopping while the kids are having a whale of a time in the super cool creche.

3. I love everything in there 

I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go in Ikea. For the kids themselves it's like entering hell going round most the shop, but for me it's probably my favourite day out aside from family trips to zoos etc, which are a different kettle of fish all together.

4. Range for all budgets

There is a range of products for all budgets in every department, all of which are nice and even the cheapest of cheap things in there can still make for a great looking house or bedroom for students, young couples and families that just want an affordable stylish home. We still dabble between the different options and often find that the cheaper ones are simpler and nicer anyway! I love that there is a choice though and it's not always reflected in the quality which always seems to be bang on.

5. Showroom inspiration

I adore walking round all the rooms in Ikea, seeing products used in innovative ways, seeing things I never knew I needed but soon go in my trolley and seeing how it really is achievable to make your home look and feel amazing without necessarily spending a fortune. They cater for uber modern as well as more classic tastes at times, but all reflecting that simplistic Nordic charm and style.

6. Family offers

I signed up for a family card years ago and although I knew you could bag a free coffee on some days, I never really knew what else it did. In store now they have machines on the way in where you can either scan your card or enter your details and it'll bring up any special deals that you can print off to use that day at the till. This could be anything from free cake, to ££s off of furniture and it's always well worth checking just in case something on your list happens to be on offer. Not that any of us ever stick to a list when we enter Ikea!

7. Under rated fabric department

I love fabric, I don't sew as much any more but always feel inspired to when I go into the fabric department at Ikea. They have a huge range of designs, so much more exciting than other local fabric shops we have and really thick beautiful quality ones too. As well as the fabrics, they sell scissors, sewing machines and other goodies to go along side. There are even example things that can be made from the fabrics, such as the curtains in the food hall and cushions. I love seeing what they come up with and they never fail to inspire.

8. Solutions for all things home

If you have a storage problem, are in need of a fresh new dining set up or just a few accessories to brighten your home, Ikea seems to have it all and there's always great ideas for small spaces, kids rooms, play rooms and family areas. This place is always my first port of call when I need something to solve a home problem, that will stand the text of time and not blow my relatively non existent budget.

9. Quirky illustrations & design

I have always loved the quirky illustrations, patterns and Nordic charm to some of the items in Ikea. As someone arty myself, I really appreciate something that bit different that can wake up a room or add a bit of personality whilst still looking good.

10. Scandi fans haven

For anyone like me that''s fallen hook line and sinker in love with all things Scandinavian, from home decor to their seemingly perfect way of life, Ikea is a great place to visit to get your fix, treat yourself and feel your tummy with meatballs and gravy!

Are you an Ikea fan too?