Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Healthy Mama || Happy October

October has been a far better month for me health wise, both mentally, physically and diet wise. September, for me was an awful month. With the kitchen work causing me ample stress, my anxiety was in overdrive, I felt so uncomfortable having people in the house every day even though they were lovely, I just hate it. Anxiety for me always manifests physically too, the stress gives me muscle cramps, stops me sleeping, gives me headaches, makes me feel feint, everything. I felt dire all month and all the stress really took it's toll on my skin, diet and mental health generally. 

In October though, we've been enjoying our new kitchen, happy that all the major works have been completed and finally stocking the fridge with real food that we can actually cook outside of the microwave. Hooray.

I've gradually got my head in a better place, I've enjoyed a bit more peace and calm in the house and just feel so much healthier and happier. Since starting the kitchen I lost a stone in weight and although it's not all about the scales, I am glad that I've managed to keep it off in October despite getting back to 'normal' eating. My food binges are pretty under control now and I feel much more capable of making sensible food decisions. 

Exercise wise October hasn't been my best month. I've severely neglected the gym/slimming since summer and to be honest I'm just enjoying sitting in my nice peaceful home and feeling like I can catch up on work and rest. Next week I'm going to try and get into swimming twice a week as I'm just out the habit but do love it when I go. Although I've not exercised much, I am feeling OK about my body, I'm learning to work with and shop for what I have and be far less critical of myself.

Although I'm in a good place, I'm planning on really enjoying Christmas and all the treats that come with it, so I am going to try and get into better habits until then and try and get my energy levels up as I'm still anaemic and low on vitamin D, it feels never ending!

So my main goals for November are not weight loss based but simply to improve my habits, get back into swimming and improve my health. Oh, and maybe keep the pounds off ready for the Christmas treats to begin next month!

What are your health goals for November?