Sunday, October 28, 2018

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October has been a calmer happier month. Our kitchen work is over, with just a few touches needed like painting and adding some shelves and accessories. I'm so glad all the big work is over and needless to say our next big project (bathroom) has been well and truly thrown on the back burner until next year! Soph still has her cast on for her broken wrist but after a month it should be coming off in a weeks time, she's been amazing with it and coped like a total pro! Not having the house stresses or people in and out doing work, I've managed to have a bit more time to myself feeling more settled in our home and getting on with some work myself. Blog wise, things have been great, I've picked up, caught up and got stuck into my jobs. I've been out a fair bit taking photographs which I find really relaxing and a great excuse to get outdoors. I love this time of year and as we get ready for trick or treating this week, the temperature has dropped and we're finally getting those cosy darker evenings. Here's a little more about October for us...


Wearing - This month has been all about getting cosy. I treated myself to a decent Regatta winter coat. This one's mustard with burgundy lining and a HUGE fluffy hood, it's toasty warm and will keep me dry on those rainy school runs and super long cold winter we've been warned of.

Food & Drink - We've been enjoying having a real kitchen back and a new induction hob that is SO much better to cook on. Last night we had perfect restaurant worthy steaks and it's a mile away from our microwave dinners from last month. We also tried Domino's pizza again for the first time in years and it was so good, having had terrible service before they seem to have upped their game and everything has been much better quality.

Watched - The main thing we've loved this month was the Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. We don't tend to watch horror films or shows as Adam has really bad night terrors, but this was SO good. Normally things with this much hype turn out to be a bit 'meh', but I loved this and found it really gripping. I've also been watching The Good Place and Crazy Ex Girlfriend which are great for easy watching series'. I've also caught up with Ru Paul's drag race which is am-a-zing! I love the characters and find it funny how much more the drag queens inspire me to be more feminine than other women do! They're so glamorous and brave, I love it.

Disliked - The start of all the Christmas stuff, worrying about travel, wondering how much money we'll have for gifts this year and the constant reminder to the kids that although this is the second month of shops full of Christmas stuff, it's still two months away! Bless them, they are so excited.

Loved - I've loved having an easy half term with the kids, celebrating Alf's 7th birthday and having my house back, YASS!

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts published in October were;

Favourite Photo - This isn't one of the best photos quality wise, but I loved how reflective these bubbles by Alfie were, with an oil slick of colour and reflection of our terraced houses, it's so pretty.

So that was October for me, how was yours?