April 17, 2019

Book Update, My Etsy Shop & Thortful Creating

My kids book is so close to being finished now. Illustrating has taken a lot longer than I thought and although my initial water colour and ink pictures were loved by the kids, I much preferred the digital versions, so I restarted and am now just in the final stages, making sure the colours are consistent and tweaking a few final bits. The story is simple, I love the pictures and most importantly my kids adore it and know all the words. I've already asked their school if I can go in and read the book with their classes, so this gives me a good deadline with summer fast approaching to get it finished and up on Amazon. I just hope it's accepted and goes on sale! Here's a sample page to give you an idea of the style...

I've been slowly building my Etsy shop as I've been focusing mainly on my book, but I think I am happier with the way it's going. I'm working on portraits mostly at the moment, but want to get back into my own quirky style images and try to have a shop that truly reflects me and what I love. I'm getting there, but I'm still feeling reluctant to market my shop so I know I need to work on this side of things when the book is done.

One thing I've done lately is to sign up as a creator for Thortful, the online greetings card company. I've always wanted to come up with card ideas and I can easily use my images created for Etsy in the designs, so it all ties together pretty well. I'm still waiting to see if I'm accepted with my designs, but if I am this will give me another creative outlet and gives me another option when I'm wanting to sit and get creative. For now, my designs can be purchased on my profile by clicking here. Here's an example of a recent card...

What creative projects are you focusing on right now?

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