April 06, 2019

Home Style || Tips For Year Round 'Home Health'

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The temperatures are starting to rise, and our beautiful spring flowers are popping up wherever they can, so you know what that means? It's time to think about preparations for our homes to keep them in good order later in the year when the weather cools again. It may sound counter-intuitive, but we all know that proper preparation brings the best results, so you don't want to wait until the onset of Autumn/Winter before considering all the tasks you need to do around your home. When you have a home that looks great and feels great throughout the coldest months, you'll be more than ready for winter, so here are some checks and actions you should be thinking about right now, before kicking back for what we hope will be another long, hot summer.

Keeping Your Boiler In Perfect Condition

We can easily forget about our boiler in the summer months, but that can be a huge mistake as it means it could potentially let us down when we need it most. Nothing's worse than waking in winter to a cold house with no hot running water, especially as that then means that you could be faced with an expensive bill for boiler repairs. That's why taking boiler cover from a company such as Certi makes so much sense, as they provide value boiler maintenance and boiler repair policies. All Certi policies come with a free annual boiler service included as standard, and the summer is a perfect time to carry it out as you'll then be assured of a cosy winter free from home emergencies. Keeping up basic maintenance through the year keeps our houses running when we need them most and the boiler is always the key place to start.

Check Your Windows

More energy is lost through our windows than anywhere else, so minimising this heat loss can make us feel warmer and save us money on our energy bills, and that's great news for the environment as well. If you have old windows, replacing them with double glazing can be a smart idea, but any windows can become less effective against draughts over time, so find where draughts are coming from and eliminate them by applying weather stripping or waterproof caulking, available from any good DIY store. You can find any weak, draughty, areas by moving a lit candle around the window frame and looking for areas where it flutters; this job is better done on a relatively still day, so spring and summer is the perfect time to get investigating.

Bring Nature Indoors

Humans feel happiest when they're near to nature, which is one reason why we love our gardens so much. In winter, however, we spend less time in our garden, and their brilliant colour and vibrancy have gone; that's why it's so important to bring nature indoors during these months, by installing house plants which can thrive in an interior setting. Not only will they provide the perfect complement to your stylish rooms, but they can also help to banish the winter blues that so many of us are susceptible to.

When you have a warm house, thanks to efficient windows, a well maintained boiler, and a burst of colour thanks to carefully chosen house plants, you'll have a home that's a pleasure to live in, whatever the weather outside. Our homes can be stylish and enjoyable all year round with just a little care and attention, as well as planning ahead for those cooler months.

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