April 23, 2019

Mama Life || Why I Bloody Loved Easter

You may be reading this thinking of course I love Easter, I'm a thirty something plump cat lady who's a self confessed chocoholic, it's a given. But it's not actually the chocolate that's made me smile this Easter, though admittedly it does help. It's actually my family and in particular my babies that are not babies at all at 4 and 7 but I miss the bones off them while their in school and I'm so happy they are all mine for a while.

The kids have been off for two weeks and it feels more like two months but not in a bad way. We opted to go away for the first week this year so that we could have a relaxing week for the second half, knowing we'd be skint and tired after a week of busyness in Devon. This has worked out really well and after a very busy holiday week away, it's been so nice having time at home, just saying around in our PJs, kids glued to tablets, TV, computer games, baking together, having picnics out and just generally not having to do anything or be anywhere, I've bloody loved it. It's also made the fortnight feel longer going away in week one which is an extra bonus!

I know a lots of parents moan about having the kids home and I'm not trying to be a martyr saying I love them being off school, but I really do. These two are growing at lightening speed so for all the time they are happy to be her with me, having cuddles, laying in my bed having stories and hanging out together, I'm going to lap up every last second of it. I feel like I hardly see the kids during the school week and they are usually so tired and grumpy after our manic walk home that we get snappy with each other and the mornings are so rushed and horrid too. Being off school means no stupid school runs, no worrying about uniforms, no nagging about home work or getting shoes on and it's like just for a couple of weeks having our lives back and living how we want to.

We've not done loads really this holiday and I don't really think you need to. Just being together, even if not in the same room all the time is so nice and for someone that worries about them almost constantly when they are elsewhere, knowing they are behind this locked door, laying in my arms or just a call away is total utter bliss. We also had four BBQs over four days and went to the beach where I found a really cool fossil, so I'm a really happy mama this week.

So for all that Easter brings, I am so grateful for this time together, getting relieved of school mum duties for a while and hanging out with my two favourite people. I'm already looking at dates for half term and summer, I can't wait!

How has your Easter been?

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