April 23, 2019

Create || Crafting Fun With Maped


With the holidays coming up, you can never have too many kids activities at the ready to keep them entertained. This Easter holidays we've been trying out some new Creativ sets from Maped which have done just the job in keeping our little ones happy this Easter. These products are all new, encourage lots of creativity and are all super simple for them to complete all by themselves. Here's what we've been trying out as ambassadors, which came in super handy with a poorly Soph in the last week of term too!

The first set we tried out was the Creativ Mini Box which was perfect for Sophie, with easy to peel and stick coloured and sparkly pads, with colour coded boxes for decorating and simple sticky tabs to add the sticks for holding. Once decorated, these can be used for fun selfies or role play and would make a great gift.

These are super cute for Soph's age and she enjoyed doing funny voices and acting out stories with her newly decorated props.

The second set we tried out was the Creativ Artist Board set, which comes with a small double sided white board with easy grip rubber handles, a selection of board marker pens, a cloth to rub out the pen and some monster part magnets to get you started on your own creations.

This is a great way to get the imagination flowing and the kids have both loved coming up with characters and stories using this set. This is a great gift and perfect for my two (4 and 7), though I enjoyed playing with this one myself.

We packed this set in the car for our holiday last week and it was great for keeping the kids entertained, drawing characters, playing games and drawing funny pictures of each other. Soph's also used it to practise her writing, so this is a great choice for her.

Finally we had the Creativ Colour Play set, which is a series of puzzle pieces that you can colour yourself, with pens included as well as a cute little storage back to keep them safe after.

The set comes with five thick card colouring puzzles, a set of vivid Maped pens which are a dream to use and each one has a frame making it easy to hold the pieces together as you colour.

I love that the pieces can be switched between pictures, making new images and all connecting perfectly. This activity filled a lot of time with colouring and will be enjoyed again and again as a puzzle - we love this one!

See more creative fun ideas from Maped by visiting their website.

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