April 21, 2019

Home Style || 4 Living Room Styles

Our living rooms are the absolute hub of the family home. Relaxing in the evening watching our favourite series, entertaining family and friends, occupying the children, these rooms get the full whack of our energy every single day and for that reason, they are my favourite to makeover too.

Finding creative ways to store things that we need on the daily, incorporating technology into our living space and most of all creating a comfortable relaxing area to chill out in when the kids are in the land of nod. The living room also just happens to be the easiest to give a fresh look and depending on the style or era of your home, there are heaps of ideas out there to give you food for thought. Here's just four very different designs for starters, to give you some ideas that may be suitable for your home.

The adventurers hub

Image: John Lewis

For this look it's all about industrial textures, light clean lines, a little Nordic design and an expression of your tastes in a simple 'random' but actually totally well thought out way. Fresh flowers and house plants will air your home, adding a splash of earthy colour, while trinkets, treasures and books from your adventures adorn shelves and table tops. This look is all about comfort, cleanliness without being too precious about clutter and truly reflecting you and your family.

The pastel party

Image: Laura Ashley

The pastel party brings us soft comfortable fabrics, natural textures and a 'girly' country cottage feel. With soft velvets, pretty pastel walls and patterns such as delicate stripes, dots and florals adding the subtle noise to this room, it's relaxing, homely and perfect for a big slice of home made Victoria sponge and a nice cup of tea. This is a cleaner take on the 'shabby chic' trends of recent years, where you can play into the hands of your home, making the most of original features in old homes or farm style houses, or adding a subtle whiff of love to a more modern home space. Think chalk paints, muted pastels and create somewhere soft and homely.

The 'Pop Art'

The pop art room is not shy of colour, though the room itself is much of a blank canvas, with light earthy floors and clean white walls, the colour pops in every direction from striking furniture, beautiful glass work, chunky knits and a rainbow of treasures that compliment each other in the best and most 'clashiest' way. This look is a controlled use of an array of colour, resulting in a room that is truly a work of art, makes you smile when you sit there and relax, taking in the multitude of patterns, hues and treasures on show.

The ditsy darkness

A dark, Gothic or regal feel for this one. Plush richly pigmented velvets and silks, strong vibrant patterns and dark cosy walls. This works well in old Victorian style homes but can easily be adapted for any age of space. Lighting is key to making this work, with natural light where possible and the edition of fitting lamps, candles and real fires. The addition of floral prints and fresh extravagant bouquets transforms this look and brings it out of the darkness, for a more homely feel. More is more with this look, with dark woods, metallics and a world of texture, bringing the dark walls to life.

Which of these four looks is your favourite?

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