April 01, 2019

Home Style || March Favourites

I've loved March and really enjoyed our home. I've made a few new additions which I'll be posting about in early April, like a new picture wall to cover an awkward bedroom space and some home made fabric wall hangings which are super simple but effective. Here's a little sneak peak of one addition from this month which cost me nothing and made a huge difference to our master bedroom.

During April we hope to make some progress on the final touches in our kitchen. The main thing is to tackle the damp and to finish the paint work, but we really need to know how much damp needs treating before we go any further - sigh! We are SO sick of suffering with damp and it's very depressing, but hopefully these two/three small patches will be easy and cheap to sort, fingers crossed anyway. I'm catching up on 'mount washing' and attempting the children's rooms this week, they both need a big overhaul and a clear out of old clothes and toys. Generally we are looking a bit cluttered again so I am going to work on that around the house before it gets on top of us again.

I wrote a few home related posts in March and now the weather is getting better it's the perfect time to get started making our homes and gardens fresh and new for spring. In our home I've been playing catch up with washing, keeping up the day to day and making plans for battling through the huge home to do list we have set ourselves this year. Our home looks nice in others, but other parts are still a little 'crack den' looking for my liking, so we're getting into some more decluttering starting with the kids toys, books and craft supplies which are currently everywhere. Here's a little more about my march posts in case you missed them, just click on the pictures to see more.

Good luck with your home ventures in April!

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