April 30, 2019

Mama Style || April Favourites

I've felt great again this month and although I'll never be a fashion icon to anyone or a successful fashion blogger for that matter, for me, this has been a good month. I've looked after myself a little more, dressed in ways I feel happy/comfortable and accepted the way I am which is big for me, though I am starting back on the diet waggon this week as I'm feeling the blubber spread a little too much. Here's a few days from April where I felt at my best, even though there wasn't any fancy dress up days, I felt good in my casuals...

There hasn't been many style posts, as I must admit I'm not crazy about summer clothes, but I did write a few - my April wish list, rescuing my hair and a post about slogan tees. Click on the images below to read more.

I've not done too much shopping this month as we've been on holiday, but I did get a nice spotty dress and restocked my makeup bag with my birthday vouchers. One thing I realised is that I've been wearing a foundation that's too pale, it always used to be fine but the darker shade suits my skin much better now. I've neglected my skin a little this month so I'm back into my routine and keeping it looking fresher and less flaky, I just need to not be lazy at bed time and get my face clean and moisturised.

Tomorrow I'm off for an Olaplex treatment so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm quite excited to give it a try and really hope I'll see some benefits from it as my hair is getting better but does still need a lot of help. I'm having a trim too, so I'm hoping it will look a lot better this time tomorrow!

For May I'll carry on caring for my body, skin and hair and up my water intake. I'm sick of feeling sluggish and looking a way I'm not comfortable with most days, so I need to work on that.

What were your favourites in April?

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