April 23, 2019

Mama Style || 5 Steps To Rescue My Hair

After years of thoroughly abusing my hair, with dyes, heated stylers and neglect, it's finally stopped taking it. I've always dyed my hair when I got bored, gone from dark to platinum blonde in a night or had a few colours a week and up until recently it's just laid down and taken it, bounced back after a conditioning treatment and not looked too bad considering. Suddenly, after a little flutter of crap dyes and colour removers last year, I think it's had enough. 

I'm at a point now where if I was brave enough and wouldn't look like a fat Phil Mitchell, I'd just shave the lot off and start again. I researched some super short styles and I just don't think I could pull any of them off with my very round very pale face, so I'm doing everything I can do to rescue as much length as possible. When I ventured to the hairdressers after seven years before Christmas, she pretty much shuddered at my badly dyed dry locks that broke and floated away as she brushed through it, she also said I'd probably look like a choir boy with my hair short because of how the fringe and sides were, so that was enough for me to keep the length, however dead it may be!

I've been really lucky with my hair over the years and now I do feel a lot of regret for all I've put it through and after a tough year last year I developed a habit of picking my scalp and pulling hair, which has obviously done me no favours. The bad habits are kicked now, I've learnt my lesson (I think) about dying my hair and fully appreciate the value in taking that extra three seconds to protect my hair with a spray before using heated appliances. I'm fully committed to doing more self care and that includes making my hair look and feel healthy, for me. Wrist slapped, hair hanging on, moving on.
So far after a month or so of actually trying, my hair is feeling great, it's looking a lot healthier and growing out well so that in a few weeks I can have another top up trim to get rid of a little more 'past it' hair that is letting me down. Here's the five ways I've rescued my hair and the products I've been using.

Hair food before every wash

I got this on a special half price offer in Boots and although I have a bit of an addiction for pots of hair conditioner, this one is actually pretty amazing. This 'hair food' can be used like an intensive conditioner, but for me I prefer to leave it on over night and wash out in the morning which really makes a big difference, leaving my hair less frizzy, glossier and looking like it's actually alive - perfect!

Image result for garnier hair food

Mane & Tail shampoo & conditioner

I've raved about this combo before but for my hair it really is the best I've used. Having had a break from this for regular brands, my hair quickly declined so I knew I had to go back to this and instantly I was glad I did. The shampoo seems to really strip my hair clean, it almost makes it feel dry while it's wet if that makes sense?! But the the conditioner completely loosens it again, makes it silky smooth and again reduces that dreaded frizz. Unless I find something extraordinary I don't think I'll buy anything else now, I just need to stop everyone else in the house using it too as it goes so quickly! The family all love it too though, it makes everyone's hair feel and look so much healthier, so it looks like I'll just be buying in bulk until I can find a more Eco friendly alternative that helps my hair.

Brushing properly and gently

I always used to rip away at my hair with a padded paddle brush and I was causing so much damage. Now, when my hairs wet I'll only use a wide tooth comb or simple non padded plastic brush from Flying Tiger. Going over knots repeatedly and gently is far safer and prevents a lot more breakage from occurring. I'll also try and brush now before bed to encourage growth and prevent knots. If I'm in a rush, I'll just pop my hair up in a bun and brush it later, no more rush brushing!

Protecting hair from heat damage

This is a biggy and something I stopped doing a year or so ago and I've no idea why! It takes just a few seconds to spray on a protection spray before drying/straightening and I just stopped. Needless to say, this is something I am making myself do, even if it does mean standing up (perish the thought!) to reach my spray. I've seen the difference this makes now and I'll be investing in a decent one as soon as some money rolls in as mine are old now and I'm not sure if they are still as effective as they should be.

Using less product & hot tools

Although I'll be protecting my hair more when using driers etc, I am going to try and use less heated appliances because I am literally frying my hair. I'm going to try and avoid straightening my hair at least every other wash, wear it curly if I can and air dry when possible, which won't take long if it stays as hot as it is this weekend. When I dry my hair I'll be less lazy with it and try to blow dry it straight more, so I am using the GHDs less, as these are the biggest killer for my hair. I'll also be more selective with the products I use, stick to ones I know are good, read reviews well before buying anything new and not over load my hair in needless product. I'll also be adding more oils and doing more deep conditioning treatments this summer to reduce the sun damage.

As well as these regular five things, I'm going to try and get in for a hair cut at least once every three months, which I know is less than recommended but it's better than once in seven years which is my current record. I'm also going to invest in a silk pillow so that my hair is protected more while I sleep and hopefully less dry and frizzy when I wake up. One thing I do struggle with is that I have really thick sheep like hair and a really crap dribbly shower, making washing out oils etc nearly impossible. With this in mind, I'm going to try to wash my hair in the gym showers when I can for a decent wash! Lastly, I'm going to book in for an Olaplex treatment at a salon, probably with a trim, just for a little helping hand when it comes to healing. I've always wanted to try this treatment and now is totally the perfect time to see the benefits of it.

Do you have any other tips for restoring damaged hair to its former glory?

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