April 30, 2019

Life || April

April has been lovely, we managed to escape for a family holiday with good weather and easy travel, we had a lazy week at home over Easter, all the chocolate we could wish for and lots of sunshine. I'm back into work now and working on my book again for the rest of this week, which is so close to being finished! We are all happy, healthy and here so I couldn't really wish for more. Here's the best of April...


Wearing - I have been uber casual, working from home mostly and beach life on our holiday in Devon. I adore my bandannas and have some new ones this month (sshh) and my favourite outfit this month was my Element top with matching bandanna, paired with a paper bag skirt, out my comfort zone but surprisingly lovely.

Food & Drink - Barbecue season has started and we've been all over that. This time of year is the best for eating and even piles of salad are super appealing! I've cut down on the diet coke a lot, and opted for more water and fruit squash which I think has made me feel a bit better and a lot less bloated. I also made my birthday cake (and Adams) which were both coffee cakes and wow they were really good this year if I do say so myself!

Watched - I've been loving 'Line of duty' from the BBC and we've caught up with series five now, all ready for the finale on Sunday. I've also been watching the new series of Jane The Virgin and On My Block on Netflix. The only film we've watched this month was Green Mile, so hopefully we will get some more watched in May. I'm also really enjoying Eastenders again and First Dates.

Disliked - The thing I've disliked most in April has been feeling slugglish. I've felt really bloated lately, I feel like I'm carrying far too much weight and water and that needs to change! It's amazing how just a few pounds and a few weeks of over indulging can make you feel.

Loved - I loved our family holiday in Devon, it's so nice and relaxing being all together, with no plans, no alarms and of course no pesky school runs.

Most popular blog post - My most read/shared posts published in April were;

Favourite Photo - This was my favourite photo from April, though I could have chosen loads! I love our beach days and I just love how candid this is and it's one of those days we'll always remember.

So that was April for me, how was yours? 

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