April 21, 2019

Mama Life || April Wish Lists

April is always a skint month, every year without fail and I've no idea why. This doesn't stop me window shopping though, filling my fictional online baskets and making plans for the home, my wardrobe and some much needed self care. Here's my current 'if money was no object' lust list for April, for clothing, home and a few other bits and bobs that I'm in need of or just really really want!


I'm really feeling the sunshine at the moment and want to try and be a bit more girly this summer and cover up a little less. I love palm prints, so this high waisted bikini and dress are top of my list along with a comfy khaki skirt - with POCKETS of course. For a little monochrome love, there's some high tops from the new Vans X Bowie collection which I adore, and this moon sweatshirt to reflect my love for the spiritual stuff. Of course a new hair band to add to the collection for summer where I will no doubt ditch the straighteners for a while and stick my sweaty sheep like locks in a bun with a hair band for the best part. I also love the faux suede biker jackets for cooler days, they go with everything and are super comfy. Lastly, I love a good handbag and although I don't normally feel much love for designer bags, I do have a soft spot for the bags by Bimba Y Lola, especially this one which has a bold weave style and gorgeous colours. 


When it comes to the home, the wish lists are pretty much never ending, with our family evolving, the kids growing, constant decorating needed and furniture being updated, this month I could pick a thousand things! Starting with the garden, I love these vintage style patio sets which are cheap, comfy and easy to clean, win win win. The woodland wood burner is so far out of my price range it's in orbit somewhere, but how stunning is it?! I can just imagine the flames flickering inside, casting shadows on the garden walls of trees and deers, gorgeous! I also want a little more colour in our home, starting with some palm print bed covers and beautiful towels to brighten the white box of a bathroom. I also adore this vintage style clock by Newgate and think that with the happy mat would be a perfect makeover for our hallway. Lastly, the under the sea dinner set from Asda is in the sale now so will no doubt be gone by the time pay day rolls round, but the narwhal plates and sea patterns are just beautiful and the only plate to ever lure me away from plain white crockery.


I could never ever get bored of buying and trying new makeup and I'm in need of a new eyeshadow palette, so would love to try one of the Morphe palettes I've heard so much about and this one is my perfect colours too. Foundation is my guilty pleasure and although I always cirlce back to my good old MaxFactor, I would love to try the Wunder foundation as I've heard great things. I also want to try and get tanning this summer. I've only dabbled before and never more than once in a summer, frankly because I'm a bit lazy! This year though, I really want to try as I get really patchy skin in summer so I hope a bit of faux sunshine will balance things a bit and i think all body shapes look ten times better with a tan, especially us wobblier ones. With wobbles in mind, I would love to do a shake diet again just for a couple of weeks to get me kick started. I've had really good results before and I'd love that feeling of energy and lightness you get with a VLCD and it would be good before summer to feel a bit trimmer (not for some beach body quest but because it's just uncomfortable being big in the heat!). I'd also love to treat my hair to some epic conditioning and Olaplex is the one to try by the sounds of it. Although I'd probably have it done in a salon initially, if it's as good as I think it will be I will try and get some for home too. Last up there's my relaxing photo walks where I'd love a new zoom lens for better photos and some headphones to block the world out while I take in nature. 

That's my lust list for this month, what's on yours?

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