April 27, 2019

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Furniture shopping is so much fun, but it's well worth being prepared before you even set foot in a furniture store or start browsing online. There's lots of things to consider when investing in furniture and whether it's a quick fix or a special piece to last a life time, I thought I'd share a few things for you to think about when you're next shopping for your home.

Purpose and requirements

First of all consider what the furniture will be used for, whether it needs shelves, drawers, open or with doors and what it will be storing if it's storage item. Knowing what it will be used for is the first step in deciding on your purchase, as you may need something safe and hard wearing if it will be used by kids, as well as easy to clean. You also need to make sure that it will be fit for purpose, with internal spaces being adequate for the things that will be stored or displayed inside. It's also worth considering your budget and where the piece of furniture will live. Is there any awkward spaces? Plugs you'll need access to or vents you can't cover? All these things massively alter the design you will require, so think roughly about what you need, what it's for and where it will go before you start.


Once you know where your furniture will be going and what it will be used for, get some proper measurements of your ideal piece. Make sure to consider woodwork like skirting and coving, as well as making sure you get something big enough to fill the space but small enough to not be overly intrusive. Note your ideal maximum measurements and have these to hand with and furniture shopping trips as it can be so hard to judge with the naked eye.

Access for delivery

Another big thing to consider with furniture is how you will get it into the house, round any awkward corners, up stairs and into rooms. Will it fit? Will you have to go through a window/remove a window? It's these things that we tend to learn the hard way and another very good reason that getting your measurements before you start is so important.


It's well worth considering colours and finishes of furniture too. It's not just the aesthetics, but also whether it will make the room darker, reflect light into the room or stand out like a sore thumb. Does it go with the rest of your decor? Does it compliment your room/home/tastes? 

Long lasting furniture

When shopping for furniture, it's easy to think of the right now, but well worth looking to the future. Is this something that will stand the test of time? If you're in a long term or forever home, then it's best to buy for the home and tastes you have now, but if you're likely to be moving around, then it's best to opt for furniture that could fit in any setting, compliment any theme and last well. Buying strong good quality furniture is always a better option and means that although there's a bigger outlay initially, it will save you repeat buys later on.

I hope this helps you find your perfect furniture! Have you made any good home purchases lately?

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