Saturday, June 08, 2019

Home Style || House Warming Gift Ideas

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When friends or family move home, it's nice to send a card or even present them with a welcome gift to wish them well in their new house. Sometimes though, not knowing exactly what their decor choices will be or even their tastes can make this really difficult. There are some safe options to choose that are suitable for everyone, as well as plenty of things to avoid, like large household items they may not need, or items with bright colours or patterns that may not fit their style.

I thought I'd share some simple gift ideas that make the perfect housewarming gifts for those we love, suitable for everyone with nothing too objectionable that could potentially be a waste of your money. The last thing we want is for your gift to be on the charity shop doorstep a few days later, so here's some perfect gifting ideas from gourmet gift baskets to personalised art work, all within a reasonably small budget;

Gift Cards

Gift cards make a great housewarming gift. You could buy vouchers for DIY stores like B&Q or Wickes for them to put towards all the paint, wallpaper and fittings they will no doubt need to make their home their own. You could buy a voucher for something a bit more decorative, like HomeSense, Wilkos, or even a supermarket to buy some food for their first night or house plants. A voucher that could be used for a takeaway could be a welcome gift in those first few days where they may be getting to grips with their new kitchen and unpacking their belongings. A voucher is a thoughtful token in this case as it gives them the option to put it towards something useful, or just something fun or tasty to enjoy in those early days. You could even just pop some cash in a card!

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Plants for the home or garden make a great gift too, no matter who it's for, they will no doubt love a new plant to mark the occasion and there's very little to object to if you stick to thing like cacti and succulents for the home and something pretty for the garden. With house plants, avoid anything too big such as potted trees, as well as anything with a strong scent that could irritate or flair up any allergies. Think about the pot or the way it's presented too, with pots being neutral and nothing needing replanting too quickly as they will be very busy having just moved and don't need any more to do. Tying these two gift ideas together, you could get garden vouchers if you know they are keen gardeners, which can then be put away for a weekend they have more time on their hands and gives them the freedom to choose. If you choose to give a bunch of flowers, it may be worth gifting a simple vase too as it's one less thing for them to hunt for in boxes!

Art work

This one you have to be careful with if you don't know their tastes too well, but if you do then it could be a great move and not expensive either. You could buy a simple art print and frame it, or even just a post card or two of their favourite places or artist cards from places like Paperchase for something a little more quirky. I'd avoid anything too big or expensive if you are unsure, but it can be a nice token and add a bit of their personality to their new space.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts aren't everyone's cup of tea, so if you're unsure but want to go down this route, choose something that's practical , small and isn't too 'novelty'. Something like an engraved set of key fobs, an engraved chopping board or some celebratory glasses with a bottle of cheap fizz along side would be perfect. You can even get personalised wine bottle labels which you could add names and dates to, a personalised print or even a family illustration made to mark their next chapter. 

An 'eco home' starter set

To get off on the right foot in their new home, you could put together an Eco friendly gift set, with things like reusable cleaning cloths, washable kitchen roll, sponges, straws and food wraps. If you're unsure on what you're looking for, there are lots for sale on places like Etsy, eBay and if you're good with a sewing machine you could even create your own with a fabric you know they'll adore. We're all trying to reduce the waste from our homes, so this would make a really thoughtful and inspiring gift.

A food & drink hamper

With the dramas of moving, sometimes finding where you packed the much needed tea bags can be a royal pain. Why not create a hamper of their favourite things to enjoy when they move in. This way, they can leave the boxes for a while, have a break and enjoy some treats to restore some much needed energy for unpacking. If you aren't sure what they like, stick to every day items, with things like bottled drinks, biscuits, chocolate and maybe a cheeky bottle of Prosecco for the first night celebrations. With this one, just think what you'd appreciate most in a hamper after a busy and probably stressful moving day and go from there. You don't have to have a massive budget or give lavish foods (like the picture!), often the simple every day treats are the most well received after a long day.


Sometimes, the very best thing you can give when someone is moving home is your time and help. If they have kids, you could offer to keep them entertained, take them out for the day or distract them while the big jobs get done. You could help to carry boxes, help with transport, unpacking, making cups of tea or doing the pre move in clean up to remove traces of the previous owners or tenants. Offer your help, don't be offended if it's not needed and remember that help and support can be the best gift of all, it's free for you and priceless to them if it helps make things go a little smoother.

As a simple rule, just stick to things that aren't big or a required taste and don't add extra work into an already busy time. You don't have to spend a fortune either, just tailor it to your budget and what you think they'd like. I hope this helps you with your gift shopping!