Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mama Style || June Favourites

June was all about fearing the summer weather and wondering yet again, how best to dress for my size in the heat. I'm not a fan of summer clothes as I'm not keen on showing much skin and love wearing black - so I'm kind of screwed really but have found some lovely options to keep me going for now. The thing about summer clothing mostly is that you either have your bum hanging out, arms out or dress far too girly and I struggle to find anything that makes me feel comfortable when it's hot, whilst also feeling like I'm rocking my own style and not spending a fortune. I find it easier to shop for an event like a wedding as opposed to the general every day, as I know that for one day it doesn't matter if I'm in a bit too much colour or pattern for me, but each and every day right now I'm struggling to get dressed knowing I'll either be uncomfortably hot or way out my comfort zone. Any tips from others that are plus size and prefer to be covered are welcome! At this point I'm ready to cut a hole in a bed sheet and stick it over my head until Autumn. Here's some awkward selfies of me sweating it out through June! Oh, and yes that is a woolly hat, it was freezing that day and I loved it!

On the blog I've been a bit quiet recently as I get stuck into everything else life has to offer at the moment, but I did write a couple of style posts. The first up was part of my wish lists post for the month where I put together an outfit I'd like for general wear (though maybe a little hot for right now) and a wedding outfit for a casual summer wedding we're going to. I am super happy with these picks and would love to actually invest in all these;

The next was part of my plan to wear more dresses this summer, by looking at what the high street has to offer in terms of casual day dresses. I found some gorgeous ones from M&S, New Look, H&M etc and if you click here you can see them all, but here's a few I loved;

With starting a new job and generally feeling a bit hot and bothered each day, I'm going to make it my mission to get a few new bits to see me through summer. It's not that I feel I'm fat so must cover up, I just don't like showing too much skin, so I'm determined to find some things that feel and look good for me.

What have you been wearing to keep cool this month?