Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Healthy Mama || Active Posture - Posture Shirt


I've spoken before about my back problems here, and although it's much easier to cope with currently, I do still get pain due to working from home from the sofa, which can often lead to muscle spasms and difficulty sleeping. I have a few damaged discs in my back too from pregnancy/birth/epidural, so it's really important to get stronger and fitter now, before it gets worse.

I was recently given the chance to review an Active Posture tee shirt (Posture Shirt 2.0), which is designed to stimulate muscles, improve circulation and help to improve our posture to help with the relief of pain and tension caused. These are inspired by the concept of Kinesio-taping which I've had previously after physio sessions, so can understand the need for a more comfortable and easy to wear option - such as these tee shirts. I'm reviewing this not as a gym bunny or athlete, but instead simply a Mum, working hard at home and feeling the aches and pains of working in the wrong kind of seating, with little regard for a decent posture. I'd seen these before so was really curious to see how they felt to wear and if they worked, as they seem really popular now and the norm for people that do lots of heavy lifting too.

How do they work?

The Posture Shirt 2.0 provides support throughout the day, for any activities you do, from sitting at a desk, standing up or being on the move. ActivePosture® features NeuroBand-technology which activates and stimulates shoulder and back muscles to help improve your posture. These shirts make you more aware of your posture and over time can help reduce pain and tension.

There are lots of benefits to wearing these tee shirts according to Active Posture, such as;
  • Reduced back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Helps to achieve aligned posture through posture awareness
  • Activates and stimulates inhibited muscles
  • Decreases tension in over strained muscles
  • Improves muscle-memory
To me this sounds perfect, almost too good! I couldn't wait to try it on and see if it made a difference to my posture day to day and the pain I usually experienced after a busy day. When ordering a tee shirt, you can choose between an over head version or a zip up. The zip up option is recommended for people with shoulder issues to make it easier to get them on. Also, instead of the usual size system (10,12,14 etc), you choose your size based on your bust size and weight, as they need to be a really good fit in order to work efficiently. My main daily issue is aching between and around my shoulder blades and base of my neck. I am 100% sure this is down to how I sit while I work (slouched!), so hoped that this would soon show an improvement.

What's it like to wear?

For starters, my shirt is black which is my go to colour, as well as being a decent length in the body as well as the arm, which is great for me. As this non zip version can be tricky to put on, it's worth watching the video below to see how to do it so you don't get put off when it arrives. I had no issues with putting this on luckily, but if you need a little help check this out;

It's recommended that you wear the shirt for 30 minutes to one hour to start with per day or every other day, while your muscles adapt to the new position. I decided I would put it on for the school run which includes a short walk each way, bending down for cuddles/lace tying etc and another 30 minutes as I set up my computer for the working day. This would give me a good routine with the shirt to start with and having a set time of day meant I wouldn't forget to wear it.

When you wear this, you can feel the body being gently encouraged into alignment, so it does take some getting used to. These are muscles I don't use correctly, so of course I would feel the difference initially as they do what they should be doing each day. This gently rolls my shoulders back to a natural position and makes me feel taller and slimmer too.

I don't feel the shirt hurts or causes discomfort to wear in the slightest, but it does ache a little after for the first few wears, much like it would doing a gentle bit of exercise. Although it is not a compression tee shirt, it does feel like compression wear, so it's worth noting that it does feel slightly more restrictive than a regular tee shirt, but it is working its magic so well worth the teething phase in the beginning. It also doesn't feel hot, with mesh panels keeping you cool.


Although the shirt took a bit of getting used to for the first few days, I can honestly say that I've seen and felt an improvement in my posture and also pain. I feel less achy at bed time which is a huge plus, meaning I can relax easier and get more sleep, something I wasn't expecting to get from this. I feel like I'm more conscious of how I sit and stand now, meaning that even when I'm not wearing the shirt I can feel myself resting in a better position for my back than I was before.

If you fancy trying a shirt like this to improve your posture and possibly improve your aches and pains, you can see the full range and more information by clicking here and heading to their website. It's worth noting too, that Active Posture offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days if for any reason you don't feel the benefits that others do.

This means it's a win win situation, with your money back or even better, improved posture and reduced pain! You should also speak to your physiotherapist or doctor before wearing if you've recently had an accident in the affected areas. I'm really impressed with this shirt and although they are pricey compared to a regular shirt, you can't put a price on back health and for me it works a treat.

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Could your posture do with a little helping hand too?