Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Home Style || 5 Ways To Create Shade

As much as we love the summer sun, we do need our time in the shade too, especially with small children in tow. We may even have plants in our garden that need a little extra protection from the heat, so it's important to create some areas of shade in our gardens all ready for the summer sun to finally arrive.

Here are my five favourite ways you can add shade to your garden this year, with many different budget options available and something for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Wall mounted parasol

You can't beat a classic parasol, but there are so many options now with some not relying on a hole in a table to stay put like they used to. Wall mounted parasols are a great option for covering tables, sun beds, picnic areas and even things like kids paddling pools and sand pits. If the weather should turn, these won't be whipped away in the wind and can be neatly folded away taking up little valuable garden space when not in use.

Picture: Hayes Garden World


A classic or more modern approach on a pergola are great for creating a shaded dining space and can look beautiful with climbing plants trained up and around the structure. These provide an outside 'room', dividing areas of the garden and you could even add a purpose made canopy for the 'roof' part for guaranteed shade while your plants grow.

Image for Forest Dining Pergola
Picture: Building Supplies Online

Sail shade

I love sail shades and they make the perfect choice for small spaces, with no floor space being used. These can look super sleek and if you go for a neutral shade they compliment plants and natural woods/stone in your garden perfectly too. These shades are very cheap, can be easily packed away over the colder months and are simple to clean, coming in several variations of shape and size. 

KookaburraƂ® 3.6m Triangle Charcoal Breathable Sail Shade (Knitted)
Picture: Kookaburra at Primrose


For something a little more temporary that's quick and easy to pop up and move around, a gazebo could be a good choice. These can be used away from the home too, so a good investment and there's several sizes available, even kids sized ones for safer play. 

Picture: Wido


Arbours are everything in one, with seating, shade, sides to grow climbers on and some even have storage in the seat, making these a great buy if you want a feature in your garden but are lacking in space. These can easily be treated or painted to keep them fresh from year to year and can look really beautiful in all kinds of gardens.

Picture: Amazon (affiliate link)

There are so many ways to create shaded areas in your garden and if you have kids be sure to have plenty of shade for them too, with play tents, tee pees, beach tents and any of the above best suited to your garden.