Sunday, June 02, 2019

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I posted recently about our summer garden makeover and the project is well under way. So far we've gutted the garden, installed a small whisky barrel pond, planted up some of the raised beds and my clever husband has even built our very own planter using our old patio table for growing herbs in. We have a long way to go to create the look we want, but things are slowly coming together. The garden is neater, calmer and beginning to fill with colour, with buddleia, a rose bush I rescued last summer from a skip that's gone crazy and a whole host of new climbers and shrubs. 

The main use of our garden during summer is to have BBQs and relax in the evening, which we haven't enjoyed too much until this year where it actually feels like a nice place to be. With this in mind, when we were offered the chance to review a chiminea from, we opted for a fire pit which is something we've always wanted, that has a grill on top for cooking - amazing! After spending a long long time looking at the many styles of chimineas available on the site, we finally found our perfect match which I will be showing off shortly. First though, here's a few examples of the patio delights available right now on the Chiminea shop website;

I've always wanted something like this to sit around on summer nights, watching the flames dance and getting some gentle heat, so I am very excited at the prospect of this summer with our new fire pit BBQ, some twinkling fairy lights and a garden that feels good to be in.

Our choice for review was the Gardeco Ibiza fire pit , which I think you'll agree is pretty good looking and a bit different to the norm. I love love love the wood storage underneath and that it has a tool for lifting the top when it's hot. This is a perfect fit for the way we want our garden to go and the perfect starting point for our patio area! This weekend we are off to buy our seating for the garden, so we can be sat round this on summer nights (kids in bed) with a cold drink in hand relaxing in front of the fire.

In terms of quality, this is very sturdy, the outer stone effect part is made from magnesia with a steel fire pit inside and cover both painted with heat resistant paint, it's not crazy heavy, but it's a good solid weight and all feels really well made. For cooking, this has a large 50cm cooking space, perfect for families and ideal if you want to relax sat down while you cook. Because of the shape of the bowl, the heat is very even all the way to the edges so no space is wasted when cooking.

After the BBQ, this can just be used as a roaring fire pit, lighting up the garden and creating the perfect summer chilling space. Lighting is crucial for any design in the home, but also outside too and this really shows that. The pit gives off gentle heat all around our little garden, so we can't wait to put it to more use this summer.

I always try to find negatives when I post reviews, but I can honestly say that I haven't found any just yet, it's solid, well made, easy to use, simple to clean and awesome to look at. If I had to scrape the barrel for criticism I'd say I wish it had a cover for it to keep it clean when not in use, but realistically I probably wouldn't use it and you can buy one separately anyway. There are lots of chimineas and fire pits on the Chiminea Shop website, as well as pizza ovens, fuel and accessories to use alongside so it's well worth a look if your garden needs something special this summer.

Do you have anything like this in your garden?