Sunday, June 30, 2019

Life || June 2019

June has been a great month, with a new job for me, the most perfect beach day ever and moving ever closer to the school holidays which we are now more than ready for. Soph turns five in July, so I'm getting things ready for that, stocking up on LOL dolls which is all she wants and planning some sort of party, as well as a holiday at some point. 

Today I started a part time job as a dinner lady at school, helping in the canteen and playground which has come at such a good time and fits in well with my plans for the future, working in a school setting. I'm still blogging and working on my art and books too, so I'm going to be a busy bunny, but one that worries less about money and has a little more confidence in herself and her abilities.

Blog wise, I've still been fairly quiet as I'm trying to get some earlier nights, but I'm still enjoying writing, working with brands and have a few collaborations and reviews in the pipeline which I'm really excited about. 

Looking to July, I'll be getting in birthday mode all ready for Soph's birthday, cracking on with my new role at school and beavering away at home working on my blog and artwork. The first book has done really well, so I'm making a good start on the second to try and get that up on sale before Christmas! 

Here's a few highlights from June;

Wearing - It's funny looking at these pictures how much my hair has changed through the month! It looks like I've dyed it loads but I've actually just been playing with some wash out colours while I wait for my roots to grow out which is going to take forever! Clothes wise I've been enjoying my dungaree dresses again and trying to wear more patterns and things that are a bit more fun. It's crazy that within one month I've been sun burnt on the beach but also wearing a woolly hat just a week or so before!

Food & Drink - Barbecue season has been on hold while we waited for the weeks on end of rain to finish, but it's back now and we're enjoying trying out some new flavours, meats and lots of healthy extras like salad and corn cobs.

Watched - I've been catching up with Love Island which is something I always hated but once I actually started watching the old series I was hooked, so up to date now watching it week to week in shock at the behaviour, but it's really interesting watching people like that. I've also binged watched all of Benidorm so it's been a real trash TV month! 

Disliked - The thing I've disliked most in June is just how bitchy grown women can be. I don't let it get to me as I'm too laid back (plus I'm 35 so more than a little bit over that kind of crap now), but it does irritate me that women are still like that in their 20s/30s/40s and upwards!

Loved - In June, I've loved having the opportunity to start something new and earn some guaranteed pennies too. I've been wanting to move back into work without compromising on family time so it's perfect for me and felt great to be asked instead of having to apply for endless jobs!

Favourite Photo - This was my favourite photo from June, a classic beach shot of Soph looking happy and gorgeous on a perfect sunny day.

So that was June for me, how was yours?